Wind Rose Tattoos and their meanings

Within the world of marine tattoos, there are different elements that have been extrapolated to the rest of the tattoo fans thanks to their traditions. It is said that there is no greater freedom than the feeling of sailing in the middle of the sea on a sailboat. Swallows, pin-ups, ships, anchors or compasses, are tattoos directly associated with sailors, since it was them who started getting tattoos of this kind. However, tattoos of the compass rose are another type of tattoo directly associated with this fascinating profession with which you can know half the world.

Meanings and Symbolism of Compass Rose Tattoos

The meaning of compass rose tattoos is associated with the fact of not getting lost in the middle of the ocean. As we say, they are a symbol present in the navigation charts, an indispensable element to keep the course in any sea. A person who decides to get a tattoo of a compass rose, wants to refer to his desire to stay on the right path and never deviate from it. It is also an element with which we transmit our close bond with the sea. When it comes to getting a tattoo of the compass rose, there are many alternatives, as we can see below, some people opt for a simple and sober design, while others use the rudder of a ship to simulate the shape of the compass rose. In any case, it is a very interesting tattoo with which to represent our new lifestyle and desire to stay on the chosen path.

Compass Rose Tattoos for Men

Normally, men who choose to get tattoos of the compass rose, do it with shapes that perfectly represent the symbol of maps or their more serious and minimalist versions devoid of decorative details.

Compass Rose Tattoos for Women

Among women, a tattoo of the compass rose accompanied by flowers, colored in the outline with other symbols that can even be mandalas, are a more elaborate tattoo with higher levels of detail.

Small Wind Rose Tattoos

Small and minimalist tattoos are very popular, mainly among people who are just starting out in the world of tattoos. They are simple, plain and small stroke designs that are easy to hide or show off as you please. Normally women are the ones who opt for this type of tattoos and usually place them on the wrists, the inside of the arm or ankle.

Large Wind Rose Tattoos

The realistic style designs, are those that tend to be larger in size as they require a multitude of details, so if it is not done on large surfaces, it may not look good. Men are the ones who usually opt for this type of tattoos and place them on the shoulder, back or calf.

Compass Rose Tattoos on Body Parts

Depending on how visible we want our tattoo to be, we will choose one part of the body or another. In general, the parts of the body where we find more tattoos of the compass rose are, arms, back, chest or leg, then we will see some examples.

Compass Rose Tattoos on the Arm

Tattoos on the arm are always popular, and the compass rose has been a popular design for sailors, lovers of travel and life at sea. Hence, there are so many choices of compass rose designs. The tattoos on the wrists, are small or medium, because it is a smaller working area. Even so, there are numerous incredible designs of tattoos of the compass rose, being able to reinforce shadows and the use of black and white.

Compass Rose Back Tattoos

Compassrose tattoos on the back are among the most popular because they tend to be larger and more eye-catching. In these designs, the compass rose tattoos include realistic, geometric, large designs with a wide variety of visual alternatives.

Compass Rose Chest Tattoos

Some people choose tattoos on the chest, in this case, the compass rose near the heart to demonstrate a love of travel and the search for a path.

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