The best satanic tattoos and their meanings

As with other beliefs, the followers of Satanism have adopted their way of understanding life to the customs and symbologies of this universe. As a general rule, when we hear about this belief, we think of it as an apology for evil acts, although, in reality, the most basic values of Satanism are linked to the enjoyment of life, the use of the personal aptitudes of each individual and being consistent with our decisions. There is a symbolism of Satanism that represents the values that this belief transmits, which makes it a very valid option for Satanic tattoos.

Most popular Satanic Tattoos

Death is a figure that has always claimed our attention and who has not wondered about it or what happens after death. Therefore, it is a type of design that although it is not very popular, it has an important significance. There are people who tattoo death because of their fascination with it and others tattoo it as a reminder of something inevitable that comes to everyone, something a little obsessive that refers to the importance of living in the moment. There are different ways of tattooing death as we mentioned at the beginning and there is a traditional way such as death with the black cloak and head covered holding a scythe.

Meanings and Symbolism of Satanic Tattoos

The symbolism of this belief is centered on images of Satan. This represents the strength and power of the universe. Satan is usually depicted as a demon, following the iconography of the Bible where he is referred to as Lucifer and is depicted as red and horned. The designs of Satan in tattoos are usually complemented with fire. Other symbols of Satanism that can be used in tattoos are the inverted Catholic crosses, called antichrist, or the five-pointed star with a pentagram in its center known as Baphomet. This symbol is not representative of evil but is the center of its symbolism in representing the domination of nature by man. In addition, the figure of the goat is also a symbol widely used in Satanic images and its origin is given as a mockery of the image of the lamb that is assigned to Jesus Christ.

Satanic Tattoos for Men

In black ink and with many details, so they are captured in parts of the body that have a lot of space such as the shoulders, back, forearm or legs.

Satanic Tattoos for Women

They are less common among women than among men, but the designs are very similar and as in the case of men, they are painted in black ink and in areas with enough space for the details to be well drawn.

Small Satanic Tattoos

We can find them on the hands, the inside of the arm and even on the back of the neck, in this case the designs are embodied in thinner lines, are not the most common but we can also find this type of tattoos.

Large Satanic Tattoos

On the chest, shoulders, legs or back, also in black ink. Mostly men are the ones who opt for these tattoos.

Satanic Tattoos on body parts

The most common are the legs, the back or the arm, areas with a lot of space, which allow the tattoos to be bigger and with more details. On the hands we also find many satanic tattoos.

Satanic Tattoos on the Arm

Both on the shoulder, as well as the inner part or the wrist is where we find the largest amount of satanic tattoos. They are quite visible areas and both men and women choose them.

Satanic Tattoos on the Back

Many tattoos occupy the entire back and there are many types, from symbols to the representation of Lucifer. It is usually men who get tattoos on their backs.

Satanic Hand Tattoos

The hand is a very visible part of the body, so those who decide to get tattoos on their hands are usually outgoing people who are not afraid to show their ideals to the world. The designs can occupy from the whole upper part of the hand to the fingers, with a different symbol on each one. In this case, the tattoos are quite small, but that doesn't take away from their meaning.

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