The Best Love Tattoos

Love tattoos are one of the most common tattoos among the society. These tattoos can be words, phrases or symbols. Love tattoos usually have a very important meaning for the person, as they usually want to show love for a partner or a loved one. Many love tattoos are shared, more than one person has the same or complementary tattoo. In 4tattoolovers we want to give you some ideas of the best love tattoos:


Popular love tattoos.

As we have said before, this type of tattoos are very typical. Here you will find some examples along with their meaning:

  • Name of the couple: symbol of love towards the person.
  • Hearts: this symbol is usually tattooed on all the people to whom it is dedicated.
  • Crowns: usually the boy tattoos the king's crown and the girl tattoos the queen's crown.
  • The word "Love" is usually tattooed in English and both partners get it tattooed.
  • Important date in the relationship: an important moment in the love relationship is usually tattooed.
  • Mr. and Mrs.: couples usually get the abbreviation of Mr. and Mrs. tattooed.
  • Unfinished tattoo: the parties decide to get a symbol tattooed halfway and that when the tattoo is put together it will be complete.

Love tattoos for women

This style of tattoos tends to be very popular with women. Some of the most common tattoos for women are the following:

  • Initial of a name: tattooing the initial of the name of a loved one is a symbol of love, respect or remembrance of the person.
  • Heart: it is very typical and usually the area of the arms is the one chosen to get this symbol tattooed.
  • Key to the heart: it is usually done between two parts and the woman usually tattoos the heart with the lock.
  • Traveling in love: this tattoo is symbolized by a ship and a planet. The woman usually tattoos the planet.
  • Self-love: it means respect and confidence towards oneself.

Love tattoos for men

Men usually get love tattoos with their partners. Most of the tattoos they get are usually complementary, so when they get together with the other person the tattoo is complete. Here are some of the best love tattoos for men:

  • Lions: signify the fight and survival that a couple needs for tough times.
  • Bow and arrow: it is a complementary tattoo and the man usually gets the arrow part tattooed.
  • Anchor: it means that love will remain strong even if the circumstances are complicated.
  • Roman numerals: the tattoo consists of choosing an important date and getting it tattooed in Roman style.
  • Wolves: they are a symbol of endurance and intention to stay together no matter what.
  • Date of death: signifies remembrance of that person.

Meaning of love tattoos

Love tattoos symbolize esteem and affection towards a person. People get it tattooed because they believe in that love whether it is towards a family member, partner or friend. Some meanings are as follows:

  • Demonstration of love to another person.
  • Honor and show respect to a deceased loved one.
  • Symbol of strong love and that no matter what happens it will not be destroyed.

Famous Love Tattoo Phrases

The best love tattoos are usually small phrases. Here are some of the most typical ones:

  • Always with you: a very common area for this tattoo is the inside of the fingers.
  • I love you: usually tattooed in English "I love you".
  • To infinity and beyond: a sign of lasting love.
  • Better with you: one person wears the tattoo "You with me" and the other "Me with you".
  • Neither time nor distance will separate us: strong love.

Big love tattoos

Tattoos are very personal and so is their size. Large tattoos are usually done on areas of the body such as the back, arms or legs .

  • Cupid
  • Heart
  • Key
  • Arrow
  • Crown

Small Love Tattoos

Small love tattoos are the most typical. These tattoos are usually fine line and are usually done in parts of the body such as the ankle, wrist or fingers. Here are some ideas:

  • Heartbeat
  • Word of love
  • Crown
  • Mickey and Minnie
  • Wedding ring

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