The best lighthouse tattoos and their meanings

Lighthouse tattoos are very popular. For many years it has been one of the favorite designs for the vast majority of people who decide to get their first tattoo. Because of its meaning and symbolism, lighthouse tattoos are a very interesting option with which to carry on our skin a memory that accompanies us for the rest of our lives. Whether to remind you whenever you see the tattoo that despite the many problems we face in our lives there is always a ray of hope, or to remember a trip that marked you, the lighthouses are an element that accompanies us for many years. The first lighthouses date back to the mythical Alexandria. Evidently, over the centuries, they have evolved to become a technological and historical element in many coasts of the world.

Meanings and Symbolism of Lighthouse Tattoos

The meaning and symbolism that lighthouses represent, is one of the main reasons that lead many people to get this type of tattoo. The main purpose of lighthouses is to emit a light that can guide all kinds of boats in the right direction. A way to warn that they are approaching the coast and that the danger of running aground is present. However, and extrapolating its function to the symbolism that has been given to it since ancient times, the lighthouse symbolizes protection and security. It emits the light that will guide us on the right path. It is also a way of showing a tattoo with which we can never lose the way we are moving forward in our lives. The light emitted by headlights can also save us in a dark time in our lives.

Lighthouse Tattoos for Men

Men who get lighthouse tattoos, attach a lot of importance to the meaning of strength and following the intended course. The areas where they get tattooed depend a little on their tastes, they can be tattooed on the leg, the arm, the chest or the back. In the case of the back, the tattoos can be much larger, while on the leg or arm, the tattoos are smaller.

Headlight Tattoos for Women

Women are also quite inclined to get tattoos of lighthouses, as they also consider important the strength, follow the objectives set and not decay, as meanings and symbolism that represent the lighthouses. The areas of the body that women choose the most when it comes to getting tattoos of lighthouses are the legs, back or upper arm, as they are perfect areas to get a lighthouse tattoo.

Small Lighthouse Tattoos

For those who are looking to get a small tattoo, the lighthouse can also be tattooed. Keeping in mind that you have to make a design accordingly and get the lines perfect. You have to adapt the tattoo to the area you want to tattoo it, but it looks perfect on the back of the neck, the ankle, for example, are very appreciated for a small tattoo.

Large Headlight Tattoos

On the shoulder, calf or back, is where the large tattoos of headlights, as well as being visible, have plenty of space to tattoo with which, the details are very well.

Headlight Tattoos on body parts

Depending on the size we want the tattoo will be better in one area or another. If what we want is a small tattoo with less details and more minimalist style, perhaps we should capture it on the wrist or near the ankle, however, if we prefer a large tattoo, we can opt for an area such as the chest.

Headlight Tattoos on the Arm

Where most lighthouse tattoos are concentrated is the shoulder, as they are usually accompanied by a landscape or even a boat. Those that are placed on the wrists, as they are smaller, are more minimalist in style and these are not usually accompanied by anything else.

Lighthouse Tattoos on Legs

In this case, lighthouse tattoos are placed on the calf along with other drawings and designs that complement the lighthouse tattoo itself, or on the ankle, which like the wrist, the tattoos are more minimalist.

Lighthouse Tattoos on the Back

They are accompanied with some landscape or other tattoo designs, so that they usually occupy a large part of the back. On the upper part, near the shoulders, we can also find many tattoos of lighthouses, especially in the case of women.

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