The Best Artwork Tattoos

Tattoos are not only art on the skin itself, but they can also be a way to capture works of art using the skin as a canvas and ink as a medium. In today's post we take a look at the top art tattoos done by our team of artists, which are inspired by famous paintings and paintings from the renaissance to contemporary art.

Most Popular Artwork Tattoos

The tattoos of this type, capture on the skin all kinds of works of art, although today we will focus on the paintings. Tattoos of works of art, such as "The Kiss" by Klimt or "The Son of Man" by Magritte, are very popular designs among tattoo lovers. Beyond capturing them as they are, each of the tattoo artists give them their own personal style, modifying some of the elements, either the woman's face in Klimt's painting or giving it a personal style, such as the use of pointillism in Magritte's painting.

What are the most common Artwork Tattoos?

Contemporary art is one of the favorites when it comes to choosing a work of art to capture on your skin, perhaps precisely because of what it symbolized when it came to breaking the rules by which painting was governed until then. Here we are going to show you the most common ones:

  • Venus: "The Birth of Venus" by Boticelli is another of the most famous paintings represented in the form of a tattoo on the skin. An icon of classic feminine beauty that can also be adapted to the style of the artist who captures it.

  • Kanagawa Wave: Tattoo artists do not only live off European art. Many of them are inspired by Japanese art and, of all of them, one of the most famous is undoubtedly "The Great Wave of Kanagawa" by Hokusai. In fact, his rounded tsunami shapes have become a common way of drawing the ocean in Japanese tattoos. As in all other cases, these waves can finally adopt some modification depending on the artist or who is going to wear it.

  • Mucha: Alfons Mucha's paintings are one of the greatest exponents of Art Noveau. Beautiful women with floral and organic backgrounds, with a style between realistic and dreamlike, have captivated people around the world. Their art goes beyond paintings, and was a source of inspiration for posters, murals... and of course, tattoos that capture all the beauty of their paintings on the skin.

    Artwork Tattoos for Men

    Mostly we find them on the inside of the arm, we can find them in black ink or, to make it more realistic, with the colors of the artwork to give it more realism.

    Artwork Tattoos for Women

    They do not differ much from those preferred by men, also small or medium size and on the inside of the arm.

    Artwork Tattoos on parts of the body

    We have already said that the arm is the area where you can find more artwork tattoos, but we can also find them on the legs and even on the back.

    Artwork Tattoos on the Arm

    Medium sized and usually in black and white. On the inside of the arm is where we find more tattoos of artwork on the arm.

    Tattoos of Artwork on the Leg

    On the calf or thigh, although it is not the most common.

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