20 Best Tattoos of Celebrities and Celebrities

That celebrities and celebrities impose fashions is indisputable, they create trends in terms of lifestyles, clothing, hairstyles, music and, of course, what we will focus on today, tattoos, and they are not free of this, and not only that, but they are one of the fashions that celebrities expand more strongly. Celebrities have always served as a reference point for a large part of the population in almost every of the population in almost all cultures. Symbols of imitation and even adoration, what they show does not take long to spread like wildfire in the world of in the world of trends. Here, tattoos take on great importance importance, since they are one of the maximum expressions of exclusivity and personality that can be personality that can be demonstrated, and the celebrities are the and those who break the ice.

The Most Popular Celebrities Tattoos

Within the world of celebrities, there are certain personalities that stand out above the others and serve as references for many people when choosing their own style. A clear example is Rihanna, who chooses to decorate her body with symbolic and artistic tattoos from different cultures and in areas that are not so usual for girls, such as the chest. Another celebrity who also stands out is the rapper Lil Wayne, who has most of his body covered with tattoos, whether texts, symbols or images, there are so many that are difficult to quantify. From 4tattoolovers, we understand that you are not willing to spend as much money as they do, but for a small price there are a lot of places with great professionals willing to do a great job and give you good results, and that should always be a priority.

What are the most common Celebrity Tattoos?

There are different reasons that lead them to this, for some they take it as part of their life, others do it to record certain important moments of their life and others may do it because they want to remember certain things forever. Anyway, it doesn't matter why they do it, but through their tattoos, they have made fashionable different designs, such as small signs, stars, phrases, etc.. Some have opted for smaller and more subtle designs, in parts of the body in which they are not very visible, but others have gone for more and have tattooed large areas of the body and this is more common in the case of men. The most common tattoos that we find among celebrities are:

  • Animals: mainly those that have presence or represent admirable features in people like lions, eagles, bears or leopards. These creatures function as a representation of the spiritual animal.
  • Portraits: tattoos of loved ones and icons such as rock stars, actors or athletes are especially common among famous men. With a meaning similar to that of a spirit animal, the one who wears a portrait tattoo wants to honor the legacy of the person he keeps in ink.
  • Calligraphy: Calligraphy tattoos have always been popular, and it seems like it's a fad that just won't go away. You can work with your artist to find the font and style that suits your taste. The tattoo itself can be as simple as a significant date, a quote, a loved one's name, or an important word.
  • Tribal: geometric or sometimes floral designs. We usually associate them with muscular celebrities because of their ornate or decorated patterns. They use black ink for crosses in the background, trees or folkloric animals.

Celebrity Tattoos for Men

Normally, as in most cases, men tend to choose tattoos that are large and detailed. It is rare to come across a celebrity with just one tattoo, but usually, several tattoos on the arms, chest, back or legs. Examples are David Beckam, Adam Levine or sportsmen.

Celebrity Tattoos for Women

Tattoos are still not very well seen in many professions, so there are many celebrities that when it comes to getting a tattoo end up opting for small tattoos and minimalist style. But in the case of singers, for example, if we can see larger designs and details. Examples of this can be Miley Cyrus, Cara Delevigne or Elsa Pataky.

Small Celebrity Tattoos

As we have said, unfortunately, in some professions, tattoos are not very well seen so models, actors or actresses, if they want to wear tattoos, they usually have to do it in small sizes and very discreet areas. Normally, small tattoos are minimalist in style and can be found anywhere on the body, which is one of the advantages of small tattoos.

Large Celebrity Tattoos

In areas such as the back, arms or chest, is where we find more large tattoos among celebrities. They contain more details than small tattoos and even the variety of colors is also much wider.

Celebrity Tattoos on Body Parts

In general, celebrities use any part of the body. Although we have to say that for example in the neck do not have hardly because it is a visible site that can affect their work. We highlight arms, the back of the neck, the shoulder, the central part of the back, the foot especially among women and the arm, back and chest among men.

Celebrities Tattoos on the Arm

We can find them in all sizes and in many styles. We can find them in discreet areas and in many cases of small size, but also on the shoulder or forearm in larger size.

Celebrity Tattoos on the Back of the Neck

Here, the tattoos have to be smaller because there is not much space where to put it. They are also very discreet, and can be easily covered with hair or the collar of a shirt or sweater.

Celebrity Chest Tattoos

Larger and easier to hide in many occasions, the tattoos can contain many details and in colored inks. They are more common among men than women.

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