20 Best Tattoo Ideas for Sports Lovers

Sports tattoos cover such a wide spectrum of possibilities that it's no wonder they have become so popular in the world of body art for all kinds of people, becoming a real trend for people from all walks of life practically all over the world.

Most Popular Sports Tattoos

Tattoos with sports designs are a great choice for all sports fans and lovers of any age, gender or style when it comes to showing their love and devotion for a particular sport, for a particular athlete or for a particular sports team or organization, as well as for a characteristic philosophy of a particular branch of sport. Sport includes a huge number of disciplines, so tattoos with sports motifs also offer a huge number of possibilities, both in relation to the sport in which they are inspired and in terms of size, being able to be small or very large, or style, being both detailed and simple. Of course, the color is no exception, we find them full of bright colors or, on the contrary, made simply in black ink. As we always say, in the end it will depend on the taste of the person who wants to wear it.

What are the most common Sports Tattoos?

We could talk about dozens of sports, but below, we will show which are the most common.

  • Football: as it could not be otherwise, football tattoos are the most common. For these tattoos, if you are looking for a cool design, then the most common options can be found designs that include a pair of football boots, or other more unusual ideas, such as designs with a football as the protagonist of various compositions, which may also include elements such as the world cup or some other kind of trophy related to this sport.
  • American football: the sport that moves more people in the United States, with respect to tattoos based on this sport, a football or a helmet design are, perhaps, the most obvious options for these tattoos, no matter the size and color that each person chooses. Thus, these tattoos can end up being simple designs if that is what the person in question intends, or they can be full of details and optional elements that complete the composition, elements such as flames and other strokes that give a sense of speed.

    • Basketball: Obviously, the basketball is the centerpiece of just about any basketball tattoo, and it looks great either on its own or with other elements to go with it. For example, including a hand or arm in the design gives the tattoo more of a sense of movement and dynamism.

    Tattoos for Sporty Men

    They are usually large and visible, they are printed in black ink and sometimes they are accompanied with red colors. They are mostly found on arms or legs.

    Tattoos for Female Athletes

    Smaller than in the case of sporty men, they usually opt for minimalist style tattoos. They also place them on the arms, back of the neck or legs.

    Small Tattoos for Athletes

    For those who want discreet tattoos, they are ideal, we can place them anywhere on the body, but above all we find them on the wrist, foot, side or ankle.

    Big Tattoos for Sportsmen

    Normally, men are the ones who prefer large and visible tattoos, although there are many more women than we might think who also wear them. They are usually completely in black ink.

    Sportsman Tattoos on body parts

    Found on virtually any part of the body, there are many different types depending on the sport and who is wearing them. Just like the tattoo styles, they can be found in any area.

    Sportsmen Tattoos on the Arm

    It is the most visible area in any sport so it is not surprising that it is also the most tattooed part.

    Sportsman Tattoos on the Leg

    They are not as common as tattoos on the arm but we can also find many. They occupy a large part of the calf and sometimes even cover the thigh.

    Tattoos for Athletes on the Back

    Normally, they occupy the entire back or a large part of it. It is the best area for large and detailed tattoos, but they are only visible in some sports such as water sports.

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