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    20 Best Hollywood Celebrity Tattoos Ideas

    No matter how careful Hollywood stars are, their most intimate secrets eventually come to light. Obviously, in this case and as it could not be less, we are talking about tattoos. In this article we're going to show you a series of celebrities who, despite what you might think, do have tattoos. The only thing is that, in many cases, they are small tattoos that are easy to hide or disguise.

    The Most Popular Hollywood Celebrity Tattoos

    There are more and more Hollywood celebrities who decide to get tattoos, and it is a trend that is growing all the time. Among them we can find any type of tattoo, big or small, minimalist style, realistic old school?

    What are the most common Hollywood Celebrity Tattoos?

    Thereis no particular type of tattoo that is more common than another but it is true that for some time, tattoos of phrases or words are becoming very popular because they can be minimalist style and in very discreet areas.

    Hollywood Celebrities Tattoos for Men

    While there are those who opt for large tattoos such as tribal style, there are many others who opt for smaller tattoos, this way they are easier to hide, but also give way to make a few more either to complement it or simply to decorate your body with other different designs.

    Hollywood Celebrity Tattoos for Women

    It is becoming more and more common to find actresses with tattoos. As in the case of men, they can be large or small. It is true that among women, large tattoos are still not very well seen, so on more than one occasion, we will see them on the back. Many times they also opt for small tattoos, especially found on the arms, back of the neck or side.

    Small Tattoos of Hollywood Celebrities

    As we have said, it is the most common among celebrities since this way it is easier for them to hide them when they have to work.

    Large Hollywood Celebrity Tattoos

    On the back is where we usually find the big tattoos among celebrities, we can find many different types. With phrases, drawings or symbols.

    Hollywood Celebrities Tattoos in parts of the body

    There is not a specific area, but we mainly find them on the arm, chest, neck, side or back. Here we are going to see some examples.

    Hollywood Celebrities Tattoos on the Arm

    As we always say, it is the most common area where to find tattoos because as it has very visible and wide areas, there are also many other small and more discreet ones. In this way everyone can shape the tattoo to your liking.

    Hollywood Celebrities Tattoos on the Nape of the Neck

    A tattoo here is very discreet but at the same time it has to be small because the space available is not very wide. They look great on both men and women.

    Hollywood Celebrities Tattoos on the Back

    Here the tattoos, as in the arm, can be large or small. We can find many small ones or some big ones that complement each other. The variety is infinite.

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