The Best Celebrity Tattoos

No matter how careful they are, eventually the most intimate secrets of our favorite celebrities always end up coming to light. Obviously, in this case and how could it be otherwise, we talk about tattoos. In particular, we're going to show you a few celebrities who, despite what you might think, do have tattoos, but in many cases they are small tattoos that are easy to hide or disguise. From 4tattoolovers we want to give you some ideas about the best celebrity tattoos:

Most popular celebrity tattoos

It is becoming more and more normal to see Hollywood celebrities with tattoos in a variety of styles but the most popular are:

  • Minimalist shapes: these are popular because they are usually done in small sizes so they are much easier to hide and place anywhere on the body.
  • Lettering: like the minimalist, are becoming increasingly popular, its size varies depending on how long is the word or phrase and the type of letter that is chosen to make the tattoo.
  • Tribal: this is one of the oldest and most popular tattoo styles. It is done in black ink and is usually placed on the arm and shoulder or on the leg.
  • Religious: there are many celebrities who want to show their faith in a particular god or saint, so it is also common to find tattoos that refer to a particular religion.

Celebrity Tattoos for Women

Traditionally, famous women who have worn tattoos, were made of small size and minimalist style because it was not very well seen and so they had less trouble hiding them, but fashions change and is increasingly better seen to see a woman with tattoos so we find many celebrities with a large number of tattoos or large. The most typical celebrity tattoos are:

Celebrity Tattoos for Men.

In men, it has always been better seen to carry tattoos, which is why among them we can find a greater variety of tattoos and, in most cases large. They have them on almost every part of the body, here we will see some examples:

Meanings of Famous People Tattoos.

There is an infinite variety of celebrity tattoos as well as their meanings, that's why we can't say one or the other in particular, but normally, in the case of athletes, the most common tattoos are those that refer to their family or a religious being. Actors or singers also tend to get tattoos of this style, but in many cases they also choose to get a reference to a movie, series or song that has marked them more than the others.

Big Celebrity Tattoos

As we have already said, it is becoming more and more common to see large tattoos among celebrities, as there are many people who think that the bigger the tattoo, the more representation but it is not always the case. Large tattoos are ideal for those designs that carry many details, let's see some examples:

Small Celebrity Tattoos

They continue to be very fashionable and the advantage of these tattoos is that theycan be captured in virtually all parts of the body. Here are some examples:

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