The Best Baby Face Tattoos and Their Meanings

When children go through their first two years, it is inevitable for parents to think "I wish you would never grow up!" And they are as cute as the speed with which they grow; the baby stage is really short, the growth is evident week by week. That's why many parents decide to immortalize that moment with baby face tattoos. Although it is a very tender way to always keep the memory of our baby on the skin, getting a tattoo of this type is risky, so, first of all, you must make sure that you are in the hands of a very experienced tattoo artist.

The Best Baby Face Tattoos

Generally, baby face tattoos are in black ink to give more depth and realism to the design. Many times, these portraits do not go alone but, accompanied with some significant detail to give more tenderness and sentimentality to the tattoo.

  • Baby girl
  • With the name

Meanings of Baby Face Tattoos

As it cannot be otherwise, baby portrait tattoos signify the love that parents feel towards their sons and daughters. The bond that exists between parents and children is the deepest we can find and the one that, for sure, will never be broken.

  • With a tiara and dress
  • In black ink

Large Baby Face Tattoos

It is common for baby face tattoos to be large due to the amount of details and strokes they need to achieve the maximum realism and resemblance possible. Normally, we find large baby face tattoos on the arm, specifically in the shoulder area , on the back or on the chest.

  • With lots of colours
  • On the belly

Small Baby Face Tattoos

If it is already important that with large tattoos you go to an expert tattoo artist, with small tattoos, even more so because the details will cost more to capture. And if we also go to a tattoo artist who doesn't have enough experience, the result can be catastrophic. Small tattoos of baby faces are usually found on the arm or leg.

  • In black ink

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