Shell tattoos: the best designs and their meanings

Marine animals are very popular in the tattoo world. Tattoos of seashells, fish and other animals that can be found in the oceans of planet earth are among the most popular designs. Seashell tattoos are another good example.

Meanings and Symbolism of Seashell Tattoos

The truth is that conch tattoos have a very important symbolism and meaning. This, together with the morphology of their shells, makes them a perfect tattoo for lovers of marine fauna. It is true that Nutilus tattoos are the most commonly tattooed when we talk about this theme, although we can also find other types of more "conventional" seashells. For Buddhism, it is the symbol of teaching and it is also a symbolic call for our consciousness to awaken. It also represents the "good word". Within Buddhism, getting a tattoo of a conch shell is a statement of seeking truth and enlightenment. On the other hand, in India, conch shells represent deities, royalty and powerful castes. For Chinese culture, conch shells are a symbol of travel.

Seashell Tattoos for Men

Shell tattoos for men are usually placed on the arms, back or leg. The designs of seashell tattoos, are usually captured with black ink, with lots of details and realistic style.

Seashell Tattoos for Women

There is not much difference between the tattoos that women choose and the tattoos that men choose, since there are not really specific types of tattoos for them or for them. Therefore, like men, women choose tattoos in black ink, with many details and realistic style, although it is true that here also appear designs of tattoos of shells with drawings of mandalas.

Small Seashell Tattoos

Because of the amount of details that require this type of tattoos, the designs are usually not very small, but medium. But those that are minimalist style, are placed on the wrist, ankle and just above the elbow.

Large Seashell Tattoos

On the shoulder or back is where this type of tattoos are placed and, for the most part, the details of this type of tattoos are very well defined, so they usually require more than one session. This makes the design, once finished, look very beautiful.

Seashell Tattoos on Body Parts

We have already said that the most recurrent are the wrist, arm, ankle and back, although, they can really look good on any part of the body.

Seashell Tattoos on the Wrist

It is one of the favorite parts for women, as it is a very discreet area and where it is easy to hide the tattoos either with bracelets, with a watch or even in winter with the sleeves of the clothes we wear.

Ankle Shell Tattoos

It is also a fairly discreet area, but the tattoos are very nice here, that is why in recent years it has become very popular.

Seashell Tattoos on the Back

On the upper part, near the shoulders is where we can find more tattoos of seashells on the back. Another very popular area is the nape of the neck, more discreet for those who have long hair as well.

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