OM Symbol Tattoos: Design Ideas and Their Meanings

When we are looking for a design to get a tattoo, unless we already know what we want, we base it on something that means a lot to us and we can't forget that we are going to carry it with us for life, so it must be something that is really important to us and that is not merely aesthetic. One of the most tattooed symbols is Om. It is one of the most sacred mantras in Dharmic religions and symbolizes the divine Brahman and the entire universe. For Hindus, it is the primordial sound, the origin and beginning of most mantras, divine and powerful words or sounds.

Most Popular Om Symbol Tattoos

An excellent option when choosing an Om tattoo is its size, the Om symbol can be done in a very small portion of the skin and generate the same feeling of completeness and union between the physical and spiritual than one that is larger. On the wrist, for example, with varied sizes, the Om symbol is an excellent tattoo option because it can be easily visualized and shared with other people the meaning we give to this symbolic tattoo.

Meanings and Symbolisms of the Om Symbol

As we have said, it offers special designs of spiritual origin. Its three curves have as meaning the consciousness of the human being and all physical phenomena, the point of the symbol means the highest state of consciousness, it is unity, it is strength. To have the Om symbol tattooed means, as a general rule, that our tattoo goes beyond what is an aesthetic tattoo. It is common to get the Om symbol tattooed with a lotus flower, another symbol with a lot of strength, because the lotus flower is able to be born in muddy places, regulate its temperature and an endless number of details to adapt and be born wherever it is. It is a symbol of strength and purity.

Om Symbol Tattoos for Men

As in most cases, large designs with incorporated details predominate. At other times, we find only the symbol but in thick lines. Men usually choose visible areas when it comes to getting a tattoo, so it is not surprising that we find more than one Om symbol tattoo on the arm or on the neck, just behind the ear.

Om Symbol Tattoos for Women

Smaller and more discreet, most of the Om symbol tattoos that women get are on the wrists, the inner side of the arm or the ankle, although we can also find them on the shoulder or the back of the neck. Although it is true that in many cases only the Om symbol is chosen, there are many women who decide to complement this tattoo with another one so that it can be seen more.

Small Om Symbol Tattoos

Actually, small tattoos can be placed almost anywhere on the body since they do not need many details and the lines are very thin, characteristics that make them much more discreet. Most small Om symbol tattoos are found on the wrist, the inside of the arm and even on the fingers.

Large Om Symbol Tattoos

Mostly on the back or on the arm, they can be with thick lines or after having made a thin line to mark the outline, they contain the drawing of another Hindu god. They are very beautiful and some are visually spectacular but, they require so many details that it may take you more than one long session to finish the tattoo and make it look the way you really want it.

Om Symbol Tattoos on Body Parts

More or less, so far in this article we have already summarized the parts of the body where you can find more tattoos of the Om symbol, but we must add the ankle, neck or ribs, in all these cases, the designs can be virtually any type.

Om Symbol Tattoos on the Arm

Depending on the style and size we want our tattoo to be, we will choose one area of the arm or another. If what we want is a small tattoo with fine lines and that is also quite discreet, we will choose the inner side of the arm or wrist, while if what we want is a large tattoo with details or with other complementary designs, we will have to consider getting the tattoo on the forearm or shoulder, which have more space and are perfect for this type of tattoos.

Om Symbol Tattoos on the Back

Generally, tattoos on the back are quite large, either on the upper part of the back on one side, near the shoulder, or centered and occupying a large part of the back. But there is an area that we comment less often, which is the nape of the neck, where tattoos are also very good and also, if you wear your hair a little long, the tattoo is covered immediately so if at some point you do not want it to be seen, you just have to cover it like this, or at some point, with a high neck garment.

Om Symbol Tattoos on the Finger

That tattoos on the finger are a trend that is not disappearing, but is even more on the rise is a reality, so surely it will not be strange that it is one of the parts where we find more tattoos of the Om symbol.

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