Moon tattoos: original ideas and their meanings

Moon tattoos are one of those options that always surprise us, on the one hand, it is true that they are nothing new because we have seen them in almost all their options, but on the other hand, it must be said that they have much deeper meanings than we could imagine. No matter the design you have chosen, because in each of them, you'll be getting it right. From moon phases to those that are combined with stars or tribal type, there is a wide variety of moon tattoos.

Most Popular Moon Tattoos

Moon tattoos are in great demand, especially small crescent moon tattoos on the wrist or on the back of the neck, as well as moon phase tattoos or moon and sun tattoos. As it is a simple design it is often tattooed in black but in white it can also be very original.

Meanings and Symbolism of Moon Tattoos

The moon phase is one of the most acclaimed tattoo designs, and the truth is that it is not for less, it is to have in the same design, with all phases of the moon, it is usually a narrow drawing. There are many people who choose to decorate their arms with them, but also in the back of the neck or back are perfect. But in addition to this, if we focus on its meaning itself, we have to talk about that symbolize the cycle of our life. Because in them we can also see the passing of time, of life in general and of the days in particular. So we are shown a birth, the fullness and then aging. Hence it is a tattoo to be able to carry each and every one of us.

Moon Tattoos for Men

Generally of large size or complemented with other tattoos, mostly, we find them on the arm, chest or back and in black ink.

Moon Tattoos for Women

Smaller and more minimalist although most are in black ink, we also find them with many colors. They can be found anywhere on the body.

Moon tattoos on body parts

On more than one occasion we have already said that we can find them on any part of the body, but the main ones are the arm, back, neck, or ankle.

Moon Tattoos on the Arm

For those who want a fairly visible and large tattoo, the forearm or shoulder is the ideal area where to get the moon tattoo, but if you want a small tattoo, the wrist or the inside of the arm, are perfect areas, they are also ideal for those who want discreet tattoos.

Moon Tattoos on the Back

On the back of the neck, on the spine or on the upper area, near the shoulder, is where you can find moon tattoos on the back. We can find them in many different sizes and accompanied by other designs or alone.

Moon Tattoos on the Neck

Small and usually not accompanied by other designs. We find them on the side of the neck or just behind the ear, women are the ones who usually opt for this type of tattoo.

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