Meaning of spiral tattoos

When it comes to tattooing geometric shapes or not, there are some that tend to stand out from the rest due to the symbolism and meaning given to them in different cultures and regions of the planet. Today we'll talk about spiral tattoos and their meaning. A type of tattoo that, although it is not very common, as we will discuss later, has a very interesting meaning.

Most Popular Spiral Tattoos

We see spirals in nature, not only in plants, but in the horns of antelopes or goats, in the shell of a snail, in a bunch of roses that are not fully open and even in the galaxies in the form of swirls. Spirals are not only used in mathematics, but also among cultures such as the Celts have based their designs on spirals. Celtic tattoos always show it.

Meanings of Spirals Tattoos

Whether it is a tattoo of a simple spiral or any other object that creates the shape of the spiral, they represent the same meaning and, in some cases, are combined with the symbolism of other objects. Spirals are present in many aspects of nature, plants, animals, rocks, etc., not to mention the shape of some galaxies. Within the world of tattoos and if we take a look at the Celtic culture, we will see that the spirals refer to the infinite and eternal. Other meanings attributed to spiral tattoos are that they symbolize magic, dreams and personal desires. They also convey a sense of tranquility. There are three types of spirals, single, double and triple. Depending on the type of spiral we get tattooed, its symbolism can vary significantly as we will see below:

  • Simple spirals: this is a single spiral, for the Mayans, the simple spiral represented the beginning of a new cycle, while for the Polynesians it was associated with immortality.
  • Double spirals: the second type of spiral is very similar to the Ying Yang symbol. Just where the first spiral ends, the second one begins. It is a connection that signifies the relationship between day and night, the feminine and the masculine, as well as birth and death.
  • Triple spirals: finally we find the triple spirals, each one joined at its end forming a triangle. Although this type of spirals are the least common in the world of tattoos, it is worth mentioning that they are associated with Celtic designs. It has also been used by Christians to symbolize the holy trinity.

Spiral Tattoos for Men

As in most cases, spiral tattoos for men, they are depicted with thick lines and are larger in size. The designs are very varied and can range from a simple spiral with smooth lines, or the spiral is formed with other drawings.

Spiral Tattoos for Women

They are usually smaller in size and minimalist in style but, as in the case of men, the designs can be varied with different patterns. They can be found on the inside of the arm, wrist or nape of the neck.

Small Spiral Tattoos

Small spiral tattoos are very common among women, as they are the ones who are used to get discreet designs. They can be placed anywhere on the body.

Large Spiral Tattoos

On the chest, back, shoulder or leg, is where we find the largest number of large spiral tattoos. Men are the ones who, as in most tattoo styles, prefer to get large spiral tattoos.

Spiral Tattoos on Body Parts

Depending on the size we want the tattoo, we can place it in one area or another, but if what we want is a small spiral tattoo, it can be placed wherever we want. Large tattoos can be found on the shoulders, back or legs.

Spiral Tattoos on the Arm

We find a multitude of possible designs to be captured in the arm because if what we want is a very visible and large tattoo, the shoulder can be perfect but if we want a small and discreet, the wrist is ideal.

Spiral Tattoos on the Back

Both in the back of the neck, as in the spine, although usually the tattoos on the back, are large, in this case are small. Women are the ones who get more tattoos on their backs.

Spiral Chest Tattoos

Medium and large sized, men are the ones who usually choose to get spiral tattoos on their chests. The designs are very varied and in black ink.

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