Infinity tattoos: types and meanings

A symbol that has gained great importance in recent years has been the infinity symbol and also, unlike other elements or symbols that appear in many areas of the body, with the infinity symbol something different happens and that is that in most cases it is tattooed on the wrist. The advantage of this type of design is that it combines the simplicity of a very simple design with a very powerful meaning. This combination is difficult to find, since it is difficult to express strongly or have a powerful meaning, with a symbol as simple as it is the infinity symbol.

Most Popular Infinity Symbol Tattoos

As forthe design, although it is true that people sometimes color it, it is always better to tattoo it in black color since the tattoo speaks for itself and does not need more additives. At most, if you want, you can choose to link a name inside the spiral and thus close the symbol, but as a general rule, who tattoos it does not add anything else. On the one hand, there are couples who tattoo this symbol and can sometimes accompany it with a heart, which symbolizes a love without limits and without end. Normally, couples who tattoo these designs usually do it in the same area and symbolizes that they will have an eternal love that will never end. On the other hand, it is also tattooed as a symbol of infinite friendship and the attributions that are made are similar to those of couples, with the difference that it is done with attributions that have to do with friendship.

Meanings of the Infinity Symbol Tattoos

This symbol is something that without the need of a context and at a glance already has something to say. It symbolizes the beginning without end and is most often used to adorn areas such as the wrist, although people also use it to tattoo their ankles or back, even the chest on the side. The infinite is a very appreciated symbol among the components of our society since it indicates that something never ends, that is to say, that it has no end. That is why, as we have said before, couples resort to this image as a common sign to get tattooed, symbolizing that their love will be eternal. Or in the case of friends, symbolizing eternal friendship. For other cultures, the symbol of infinity is associated with the fact of reincarnation, since it is done without an end, at least until the desired perfection is achieved. Another meaning that can be given to this sinuous form is that of the great amount of options and decisions that a person can make throughout his life. Taking one path means abandoning another, and so everything that decision entails, generates a series of changes that affect everything. This fact generates some triggering acts that automatically influence everything that happens after forever.

Infinity Symbol Tattoos for Men

As we usually comment, men are accustomed to opt for tattoos with thick strokes, so it conditions the size. In addition, men often accompany the infinity symbol tattoo with other designs to give it a greater singularity.

Infinity Symbol Tattoos for Women

Normally, they are smaller than in the case of men and placed in more discreet areas, but like them, women get infinity tattoos with other drawings such as feathers, hearts or names.

Small Infinity Symbol Tattoos

One of the great advantages of the infinity tattoo is that its base is very simple, and that is why it can be done even in very small tattoos that at no time confuse its meaning or message. Small, minimalist infinity symbol tattoos can be done on almost any part of the body and are easy to hide or show as desired.

Large Infinity Symbol Tattoos

With thick strokes and larger complementary drawings, usually when people get a large tattoo, they do it in quite visible areas so that the meaning is clear for everyone to see.

Infinity Symbol Tattoos on Body Parts

Likemany other tattoo designs, depending on the complexity we will want to get a tattoo on one part of the body or another. In the case of the infinity symbol, it is very easy to do and so there are multiple sizes and locations that look great. In order to inspire you for your next infinity tattoo, we show you the main parts of the body where you can get your infinity symbol tattoo.

Infinity Symbol Tattoos on the Arm

The arm is an ideal area for tattoos of all kinds, and infinity symbol tattoos are no exception. You can play around with smaller or medium sized tattoos, but you can also opt for some larger designs. On the wrist, small tattoos abound, easy to hide or show as desired. The best recommendations for a wrist tattoo revolve around the minimalist style, although there are those who choose more marked details.

Infinity Symbol Finger Tattoos

On the fingers they have to be even smaller than in the case of the wrists, but they generate quite an eye-catching image infinity symbols on different fingers of the hand. We can find them both on the top and on the side of the finger.

Ankle Infinity Symbol Tattoos

The ankle, is a somewhat uncomfortable area to tattoo, but you can make small infinity symbol tattoos that look great, as a sign that we do not forget the physical world and remain "down to earth".

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