Celtic Symbols: more than 20 Celtic tattoos and their meanings

Celtic symbol tattoos are present in our culture, their rich symbolism, full of different meanings, makes many people choose one of their most common motifs to get a tattoo. Below, we will review the main Celtic tattoo motifs and the meaning of each one.

Most Popular Celtic Symbol Tattoos

Celtic tattoos are generally linked to a subgenre of tribal tattoos, since their symbols are usually represented graphically in that way, andthe designs are usually abstract, loaded with intertwined lines and drawings, extensively decorated and predominantly with geometric shapes.In general, tribal tattoos, are among the most popular tattoos, precisely because of their abstract character and the aesthetic appeal they represent. And if we also add the ancient Celtic symbolism and meanings, it is not surprising to see that Celtic tattoos have also become some of the most sought after in recent years.

Meanings of Celtic Symbol Tattoos

Celtic tattoos usually represent the most common symbols of this culture, and each of them has a different meaning. The word Celtic refers to all the civilizations that shared the same Gaelic language and customs that spread through some areas of Western Europe during the Iron Age, for example in Ireland and Great Britain. In Spain, we can also find strongholds of Celtic culture in the northern part of the peninsula, especially in Galicia. The Celts were known to be very warlike and brave, and many of their symbols have to do with protection in war, love, life and the universe. The strong symbolism of their drawings hides centuries of beliefs, a whole spiritual world, rituals and magic that many people do not know. This makes them very attractive when it comes to tattooing.

    • Tree of life tattoo: one of the most famous symbols of Celtic tattoos is the tree of life, also known as Crann Bethadh, the Celts felt a great respect for trees and it was a sacred symbol for them. The tree of life represents the essence of life, the connection between the earth, due to its roots in the ground, and the sky - its branches extend upwards - as well as good and evil. Many choose to get a tree of life tattoo to symbolize their connection and love for nature.

        • Celtic knot tattoo: there are many types of Celtic knots, but all of them symbolize in their essence eternity, the cycle of uninterrupted life with its infinite reincarnations, as these symbols had no beginning and no end. The most famous is the knot of love that represents the union of the couple, the eternal love. In fact, at Celtic weddings, the bride and groom exchanged amulets with this knot with the promise to love each other forever. Undoubtedly, a Celtic knot tattoo can be a nice gift for the couple, or even for both of them to get a tattoo.

          • Wuivre tattoo: this symbol is represented by two snakes that symbolize the union of the earth to whoever has this symbol gives power and love, but it should be said that the druids used to carve the wuivre in iron as an amulet, and that by representing the qualities and powers of the earth element, they believed in the superstition that if the piece was wet by sea water, it would lose all its power.

            • Awen tattoo: one last Celtic symbol of great importance is the Awen tattoo, this term comes from Gaelic and is composed of two words "aw" which means fluid and "en" which is spirit. In short, it is the flowing of the spirit and means "inspiration" for both Irish and Scots. It is something like the equivalent of yin and yang in Chinese culture, representing the opposites and the harmony between them. It is formed by three lines with three dots at the top, each side line symbolizing the man and the woman, and the middle line symbolizing the harmony between the two.

            Celtic Symbol Tattoos for Men

            There are no tattoos for men or for women, but men usually go for large tattoos, with thick lines and lots of details. In addition, they are usually placed in large and visible areas.

            Celtic Symbol Tattoos for Women

            Mostly, they are smaller, with thin lines and usually contain several colors, being small, can be placed almost anywhere on the body but are usually located in discreet areas.

            Small Celtic Symbol Tattoos

            More minimalist style and with fine lines, small tattoos of Celtic symbols, we can find them in virtually the entire body.

            Large Celtic Symbol Tattoos

            With many details and many times, even with shadows. They can be found on the arm, chest or leg.

            Celtic Symbol Tattoos on parts of the body

            We have already said that, in the case of small tattoos, we can place them anywhere on the body, but the big ones can only be placed in specific areas, such as the shoulder, forearm, chest, back or calf.

            Celtic Symbol Tattoos on the Arm

            The variety of tattoos that can be done on the arm is very wide, since on the inner side as well as on the wrist, the tattoos have to be small, since they do not offer much space where they can be done. On the other hand, the shoulder or the forearm are larger areas, where tattoos tend to be bigger.

            Celtic Symbol Tattoos on the Back

            Theycan be any size you want, on the back of the neck, the lower back and even, in some cases, covering a large part of the back. Normally women are the ones who choose to get Celtic symbol tattoos on their backs.

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