Best Mythological Tattoos

Mythological tattoos have a strong link with the past and ancient cultures. ancestral cultures. There are many mythologies but most mythological mythological beings are natural elements or gods. These tattoos have a lot of meaning and also, each person can interpret the story or the symbol in a different way and the symbol in a different way and modify it. From 4tattoolovers we want to give you some ideas about the best mythological tattoos:

Most popular mythological tattoos

This style of tattoo is very typical and some of the most chosen symbols among people to get tattooed are the following:

  • Dragons: symbol of strength, courage and family protection.
  • Mermaids: link between gods and sea creatures.
  • Greek Goddesses: symbolize love, respect and beauty.
  • Fairies: represent femininity, youth and the desire to fly.
  • Snake: symbol of healing and rebirth.
  • Tree of life: signifies life and eternity.
  • Phoenix Bird: symbol of strength.

Mythological tattoos for women

The mythological tattoos always contain a great meaning. Women choose symbols choose symbols that represent female mythological beings. A below you will find some of the most typical designs:

  • Aphrodite: symbolizes beauty, love and desire.
  • Hera: symbol of femininity, marriage and birth.
  • Hestia: goddess of inner fire and the home.
  • Eye of Horus: the left eye represents darkness and the right eye represents light and the sun.
  • Laurel leaf: symbolizes success and the effort made to achieve it.
  • Unicorn: purity, innocence and childhood.

Mythological tattoos for men

The men tattoo different things than women. Men tend to choose mythological choose mythological stories and tattoo the representation of the scene. They also tend to include more than one symbol in each tattoo.

  • Gargoyles: they have the function of protecting against evil.
  • Atlas: symbol of resistance.
  • Zeus: power, courage and strength.
  • Grifos: is a lion with wings and an eagle's head. Symbolizes ferocity and strength.
  • Demons: represent rebellion.
  • Quetzalcoalt: symbolizes noble character and creativity.
  • Minotauros: symbolizes resistance and perfection.

Meaning of mythological tattoos

As as we have said before, these tattoos have a lot of meaning. meaning. Some of the main reasons why people decide to get tattoos in this style are decide to get tattoos in this style are the following:

  • Belief in a mythology and its symbols.
  • Respect for the past and ancestral cultures.
  • Identification with the beings and what they represent

Large mythological tattoos

The best mythological tattoos are large, as mythological beings are usually large. mythological beings are usually large. In addition, these tattoos are usually accompanied by red or blue to give more strength to the tattoo.

  • Mandalas
  • Ganesha
  • Angels
  • Dragons
  • Kolovrat

Small mythological tattoos

The small tattoos have become very fashionable. The advantage of these tattooscan be done on almost any area of the body. A below you will find some examples:

  • Triskel
  • Ansada Cross
  • Ichtus
  • Candles
  • Star of David

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