Tattoo ideas of words and short phrases in English

Have you ever thought about getting a tattoo of a phrase from a book that you liked a lot or from a song that you have heard many times and that you think you could listen to it many more times because of what it transmits to you? Surely at some point you've had one of these crushes, and it is something completely normal and common. We talk about this because this kind of tattoos are part of the English phrases that many people get tattooed. After all, many tattoos have a special meaning because they represent a part of us or our life and, many times, a song expresses it better than ourselves.

Most Popular Short English Words and Phrases Tattoos

Many people choose to get tattoos of their favorite song titles or songs that have a special meaning to them. Sometimes it is just one word, which can make a small tattoo. It is clear that there are thousands of possibilities, but like any other tattoo, those of phrases or words in English, have to mean something very personal, that has marked your life or one that defines you as a person.

Tattoos of Personal Names in English

If you are looking for a tattoo that can be big or small but that is very fashionable, without a doubt, stay with the name tattoo designs. It can be the name of someone you love, or someone you've lost, or simply a name you want to remember. Although we may not think so, English names are very present among Spaniards nowadays, so it is not surprising that this type of tattoos are quite popular. It is always special to get a tattoo of someone's name because of what it means to the person wearing it and the person the tattoo refers to.

English Phrase Tattoos

Motivational phrases are one of the most demanded tattoos in recent years. However, if you are not clear about what you want, finding the right phrase can become an arduous task. Besides, we don't know what it is about English that, in many occasions, we prefer to use English when it comes to engrave some words in ink on our skin.

English Words and Phrases Tattoos on Body Parts

The tattoos of words and phrases in English are very popular, but not only for their meanings and everything they convey, but also because they can be captured in many sizes and types of letters, that makes that we can place them anywhere on the body. Depending on whether we want a more or less discreet tattoo, we will place our tattoo in one part of the body or another.

English Word and Phrase Tattoos on the Arm

The arm is the part of the body where we can find more types of tattoos, since, depending on the area we choose, the tattoo can be bigger or smaller, as well as more or less visible. For those who want a discreet and small tattoo, the wrist or the inside of the arm can be a good option, but if what you want is a large and visible tattoo, the shoulder or the forearm are ideal for it.

Tataujes of English Words and Phrases on the Ribs

A type of tattoo that is becoming very popular is the rib tattoo, although it is quite painful, the result is very nice. It is also perfect for those who want their tattoo to be discreet. We can find them both horizontally and vertically and rarely are accompanied by other designs.

English Words and Phrases Tattoos on the Back

These tattoos can be found both on the upper part, near the shoulders and in the middle. Even, in many occasions, the English phrases are placed vertically right on the spine. This last type of tattoo can be more painful, but it looks very nice and elegant, besides, when it's done this way, they usually go from the nape of the neck to the lumbar spine.

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