Best Letter Tattoos

Letter tattoos have become very typical and also allow a great variety of designs. These tattoos can mean many things and you can choose the language you like the most to get it tattooed. This type of tattoos allows a very personal design due to the large number of types, strokes and shapes that can be given to the word or phrase. From 4tattoolovers we want to give you some ideas:

What is lettering in tattooing?

Currently, the word lettering is used a lot but there is no exact meaning or definition for this term. Lettering is a technique used by tattoo artists to draw an alphabet. The aim of this technique is to give a different design to a letter to make it more aesthetic and original once tattooed. For example, the letter is usually combined with drawings to make it more attractive or to make the letters end in a point so that they transmit sensations or emotions. However, you must never forget that the letters or phrases have to be legible.

Letter tattoos for women

Women tend to get a lot of letters, words or phrases tattooed. They usually have an important meaning for the person, many times they choose motivational words or phrases. Below, you will find some ideas:

  • Initial of a name: symbol of esteem or remembrance towards a person.
  • Motivational phrase: symbolizes a life motto.
  • English words: they usually choose a word and translate it into English.
  • Shapes based on phrases: it consists of choosing a phrase and using it to make a shape.
  • Lyrics from a song: they choose a verse or the phrase they like the most from a song.

Letter tattoos for men

Letter tattoos for men are usually large in size. They usually use blurring and symbols around the tattoo. Here, we leave you some examples:

  • Name of a person: it means love towards that person.
  • Chinese word: they usually choose Chinese characters.
  • Word and meaning: they tattoo a word and its meaning underneath. The arm is usually an area chosen for this type of tattoo.
  • Word in Arabic: such as the name of the children or the name of the couple.

Types of letter tattoos

The design is fundamental in this type of tattoos, since you have to choose the type of letter, the thickness of the line or the size. There are many different types.

  • Chinese letters: these are characters that are usually tattooed in a thick line.
  • Arabic letters: they have a thin line.
  • Curved letters: the word or phrase is tattooed with movement to transmit.
  • Letters ending in shapes: the design includes a shape to complete the tattoo.

Tattoos of names and short phrases

Popular letter tattoos are usually names or simple phrases. These tattoos have sentimental value to the person. Here are some examples:

  • Name of a loved one: children, wife or parents.
  • Free: means freedom and is usually tattooed in English. A very typical body part for this tattoo is the wrist.
  • Chinese character: as for example the word peace or happiness.
  • Carpe diem: it is of Latin origin and means that you have to make the most of your time.
  • Believe in yourself: means believe in yourself.
  • Stay strong: is a motivational phrase to keep fighting.
  • Let it be: is the title of a famous Beatles song.
  • Hakuna Matata: means live and be happy in Swahili. It is known from the Lion King movie.

Large Letter Tattoos

Large tattoos tend to appeal more to men. These use the thick line style or symbols to complement the letters.

  • Chinese Name
  • Filled letters
  • Letters with strokes around them
  • Blurred letters
  • Motivational phrase

Small Letter Tattoos

Small print tattoos are usually minimalist and fine line tattoos. It is usually chosen a type that does not take up much space.

  • Word with strokes at the end
  • Initial
  • English words
  • Word ending in a symbol
  • Complementary phrase

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