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    Best Chemical Symbol Tattoo Ideas

    Tattoos of chemical formulas are very little seen and are very striking, the truth is that this type of tattoo has gained popularity in recent times but we can not qualify as a widespread design because it is difficult to find a person who has a chemical formula tattooed on his skin. But this is not a negative symptom, as in many matters tattoo body art is driven by trends and fashions. Below, you will be able to take a look at different types of designs to get ideas in case you are thinking of getting a formula tattoo. The truth is that we could be facing a new trend.

    Most Popular Chemical Symbol Tattoos

    Tattoos based on this science are usually worn by people who study and work in the world of chemistry, but, anyway, they can be a good option for anyone who appreciates the study of the things that surround us. A variety of ideas for chemistry tattoos can be derived from these variants:

    • Laboratory instruments: test tubes, beakers, flasks, and Pietri dishes are common, especially with colorful liquids inside. Also items such as thermometers, microscopes and lighters.

      • Dna chains: although it may be more of a biology than a chemistry motif, the iconic Ribonucleic Acid chain is also often part of those compositions that pay tribute to chemistry.

      • Elements of the periodic table: a rather original idea is to use the nomenclatures of the elements to compose words. Likewise, the representation of the atoms of the elements that can be significant for the tattoo wearer are also novel alternatives.

      • Chemical formulas: in organic chemistry each element is represented in different ways. All of them are based on hexagons. This opens up a whole world of possibilities for chemical tattoos because anything you want can be represented in this way. Some common formulas are chocolate, coffee or the so-called love hormone.

      • Books and notes: although it is less frequent, the elements required to complete the study of this science can also be part of chemistry tattoos.

      Meanings of Chemical Symbol Tattoos

      One of the clearest reasons is that we are science lovers. Tattooing a chemical formula that reminds us of a certain element that for a relevant reason has marked a moment in our lives is an ideal option. But there is also another reason that may lead us to opt for a chemical formula design, and that is that, not long ago, tattoos of chemical formulas that refer to drugs, whether legal or illegal, became popular in several places. There are some chemical formula tattoos that refer to certain chemicals that are known stimulants for the body. From marijuana to LSD, to other more banal options such as caffeine. As you can see in the photos that accompany this article, the designs are quite simple and interesting at the same time. Sometimes the formula is accompanied by some other element.

      Small Chemical Symbol Tattoos

      Normally, tattoos of chemical symbols, are minimalist style, so they are smaller in size. Being small in size, they can be found anywhere on the body, but especially on the wrist, the inside of the arm or the nape of the neck.

      Large Chemical Symbol Tattoos

      On the foot or on the back is where we can find more tattoos of large chemical symbols, although it is not very common.

      Chemical Symbol Tattoos on Body Parts

      Normally, chemical symbol tattoos are discreet and, as we have said, small in size. Therefore, the areas where most chemical symbol tattoos are found are the wrist, the inside of the arm or the back, which are quite discreet areas.

      Chemical Symbol Tattoos on the Arm

      Both the inner arm and the wrist, minimalist style tattoos look great in this area and are ideal for those who are new to the world of tattooing.

      Chemical Symbol Tattoos on the Foot

      It is not as popular as the arm, but it is clear that fashions change. That' s why we're seeing more and more tattoos on the foot. Below, we are going to show you some examples.

      Chemical Symbol Tattoos on the Chest

      Here we can also find quite a few chemical symbol tattoos, especially in the case of men.

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