Arabic symbol tattoos and their meanings

One of the trends that is booming in recent years are tattoos of Arabic symbols, and is that Arabic calligraphy has become a global art. Thus, it is common to see more and more people with Arabic letters on their skin.

The Most Popular Arabic Symbol Tattoos

Arabic tattoos are a very elegant design of an ancient tattoo and can even have a somewhat mysterious look. There are many people who are fascinated by the Arabic language because of its cursive letters that make them look so special and even heavenly to some. Even though some profess Islam and think that tattoos are against their religion, there are others who do like it and get tattoos. There are many different Arabic tattoo designs and quotes. A person who tattoos Arabic symbols, it is because they feel that they have a link to this language in some way. With Arabic letters, you can get a tattoo of a person's name, a symbolic word or a whole sentence. There are also those who tattoo biblical and spiritual words or phrases in this language.

Arabic Symbol Tattoos on Body Parts

The idea of choosing Arabic symbols is very good, as they are linear and elegant characters that, both horizontally and vertically, look excellent. The length of the spine or the arm are perfect places for an Arabic design. The feet, the sides, the ribs, the lower back, the wrists or the forearm, are the areas where we can find more tattoos of Arabic symbols.

Arabian Symbol Tattoos on the Arm

On the arm we can find tattoos of Arabic symbols in any size, from the smallest that only occupy part of the wrist, to tattoos containing a quote or long word that occupies much of the arm.

Arabic Symbol Tattoos on the Back

Among the most common Arabic symbol tattoos on the back, we find those that are placed vertically on the spine. They are very popular among women as they are considered very delicate and even sensual. Tattoos on the lower back or near the shoulders in small size.

Arab Symbol Tattoos on the Ribs

A very discreet area where tattoos usually look better are the ribs. The tattoos with Arabic symbols can be both horizontal and very small, or vertically occupying the entire side.

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