50 Best Shamrock Tattoo Ideas and Their Meanings

If we think of an element that is associated with luck, one that quickly comes to mind is the clover, and more specifically the four-leaf clover. It is said that only one in ten thousand clovers have four leaves, hence the legend that finding them is an omen of good luck. Shamrocks, which are a family of plants whose scientific name is Trifolium, have as a rule, hence its scientific name, which means in Latin three leaves.

Most Popular Shamrock Tattoos

The single silhouette in black or green color,clover tattoos adapt well to different sizes, so they look good in micro tattoos option for areas such as wrists or ankles or in medium large size for the back or upper arm. The shamrock design is requested by both men and women, although it is true that women tend to ask more for this symbol in small size and men in larger size.

Meanings and Symbolism of Shamrock Tattoos

Each of the leaves of the clover symbolizes an attribute, the first leaf is related to hope, the second to faith, the third to love and the fourth to luck. As we can see, they are all very kind attributes, and it is so because all around the world the clover embodies good feelings and good omens. Shamrocks are closely related to Celtic cultures, in fact, it is one of the symbols of Ireland.

Shamrock Tattoos for Men

Normally, men tend to get bigger tattoos than women, they contain more details and the lines are thicker. In addition, they tend to get them in very visible areas. One place where men get a lot of shamrock tattoos is behind the ear.

Shamrock Tattoos for Women

Women are the ones who wear the largest number of shamrock tattoos. They are small in size, with thin lines and in very discreet areas such as the wrist, the inner arm or just above the elbow.

Small Shamrock Tattoos

We find them on the nape of the neck, on the wrist, the inside of the arm or on the ankle. They are minimalist style, with very thin lines and tracing only the outline in most cases.

Large Shamrock Tattoos

Accompanied with other drawings, shadows and colors. They are usually placed in areas such as the forearm, the side or legs.

Shamrock Tattoos on Body Parts

Usually, clover tattoos are usually small tattoos and the most common areas are the wrists, neck, biceps, near the navel, ankle or the sole of the foot, so, in general, we can say that they are inconspicuous areas.

Wrist Shamrock Tattoos

Very small and in black, are usually women who wear tattoos of clovers on the wrist. They are very common that are made with a single stroke.

Ankle Shamrock Tattoos

Also very small and discreet, although getting a tattoo on the ankle can do some damage, the result is very nice and more and more people are opting for tattoos on the ankle.

Shamrock Neck Tattoos

Continuing with small tattoos, the neck is also a complicated area to get tattoos. Just like the ankle, on the neck, tattoos can hurt a little bit, but the end result. They are usually placed behind the ear or on the back of the neck. If you have short hair, it is difficult to hide, but with long hair, it is very easy.

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