20 tattoos symbolizing togetherness (couples, siblings, friends...)

If you're looking for a tattoo that signifies union, you won't just find one, but you'll see how the options are growing according to different themes. So, not only is there a tattoo of unity between friends or siblings, but there will also be one to symbolize family and that eternal love that you have by your side. It seems that the world of tattoos is that generous. It gives us numerous options because each taste is unique and has to be adapted to it. So, what better time than now for you to discover the great options we bring you. You will have a tattoo that means union and a memory forever.

Most Popular Tattoos That Symbolize Togetherness

Family is one of the most important things we have in life. We know that, and even though sometimes we may be a little more distant, we know that we will always have them close to us in some way. So, it's no wonder that many people choose a tattoo that signifies family unity. Among the most successful ones are the ones with animals as the main characters, because they are the first ones to behave like this. Despite the nature of some of them, they tend to be the most protectionist with their own kind. The vast majority of animals will defend and protect their own before their own lives. So, it is not only a symbol but a talisman to wear on our skin. On the other hand, surely you have a friend who is like one of the family. There we will also have a new union and, as such, new tattoo designs that you can not pass up. It is very common for friends to get the same tattoos or a design that complements and ends in two parts. Couples in love couldn't be left out. They also have their own tattoos that indicate their union. Again, we cannot mention just one, but the variety goes far beyond that. You can choose between heart designs as well as the great classic of the key and the padlock. But it is that, in addition, geometric shapes such as circles or spirals, will be perfect. They have no beginning or end, so it will be another way to say that love is eternal between the two.

Meanings of the Tattoos that Symbolize Union

Within this category in which the designs that are tattooed refer to human relationships that are created, there is a very important one which is friendship. With friendship, we can relate values such as companionship or loyalty and this is the reason why the article has these three names. As it is impossible to list one by one the number of designs that can be tattooed on two or more friends, we will simply focus on why friendship is so important to reflect it in an indelible tattoo. Friends are the family we choose, we should not only think about the friends we make in childhood, which undoubtedly can occupy a large space in our lives and can be very important. With friendship we also refer to those people who are known during the course of our lives, people who can be as important or more important than childhood friends.

Small Tattoos Symbolizing Togetherness

They are perhaps more common than large ones, as they can be placed in discreet areas of the body, adding meaning and intimacy to the people who wear them. In this way, only the people who want to get a tattoo that symbolizes union can see it.

Large Tattoos Symbolizing Togetherness

On the calf or forearm, is where most of the large tattoo designs that symbolize union are found. They are quite visible areas, so it is understood that those who get tattoos in these parts, want to show everyone how they feel for that or those people with whom they share the tattoo.

Tattoos Symbolizing Union in parts of the body

Most of the tattoos that symbolize union are found on the wrist, the inside of the arm or on the foot, along with the nape of the neck, others opt for the side, above the ribs and, as we said before, the calf and the forearm.

Tattoos Symbolizing Union on the Wrist

Small, minimalist style, they look very nice. This is the part where most of the tattoos that symbolize union are found, since the tattoos here look very good and are quite discreet.

Tattoos Symbolizing Union on the Foot

Although it may not seem like it, the foot is another part where many designs that symbolize union are tattooed. We can find them on the sole of the foot, on the instep or on the sides.

Tattoos Symbolizing Union on the Arm

Both on the inner side and on the forearm, we can find a multitude of tattoos that symbolize union.

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