20 Refined and Charming Gypsy Women Tattoos

Each style of tattoos has a series of icons or elements associated with them that, over the years, having been tattooed on so many occasions, are quickly associated with the different styles of tattoos that we can find today. In the case of old school style tattoos, gypsy women, also known as "Gipsy ladys", are one of them.

The Most Popular Gypsy Women Tattoos

Gypsy women tattoos are very popular among old school tattoo lovers because of their characteristics. Their shapes, clothing and accessories make these tattoos easily recognizable at a glance. These tattoos always show us gypsy women wearing different details and ornaments such as rings, pendants, earrings, chokers, scarves or long skirts.

Meanings of Gypsy Women Tattoos

Gypsy totems have a deep symbolism for both men and women, and this is independent of the type you choose. The lifestyle, character, characteristics and history of gypsies give these tattoos their meaning. But like any other body art, what you want to say is up to you and why you decide to get it. However, there are some universal symbolisms that anyone who sees your tattoo can give it.

  • The first and probably the most common meaning that connects most people to this type of tattoo is independence and autonomy. Gypsies, have self-imposed mental and physical freedom, and do not limit their lives, so they are always on the move. This term means that totems can symbolize that you are also independent or at least believe or hope to do so in the future. During their travels, they only depend on themselves and the work they do to survive, so your totem can mean that you are also a self-sufficient person.
  • If you love to travel, this is the tattoo that best describes you, traveling is what most people think of when they see the tattoo. Gypsies are famous for being fortune tellers and use a crystal ball to predict their future. So your tattoo can also be a symbol of vision and happiness.
  • The beauty of women in these tattoos is also a perfect symbol of desire and femininity. If you decorate your totem with other things, such as flowers, butterflies and geometric symbols, this can also be more meaningful. For some people, it is also common to combine them with other tattoos and draw in different styles to change their symbolism.
  • Other of the most common meanings that we can find among gypsy women tattoos, are the future, spirituality, living life to the fullest, success, luck, divination, of outsiders or marginal inhabitants, performance and the path of life.

Gypsy Women Tattoos for Men

These tattoos, require a lot of details so they have to be large in size, that is why, it is usually men who wear this type of tattoos. The old school style is the most common in gypsy women tattoos.

Gypsy Women Tattoos for Women

It is not very typical to find women who wear this type of tattoos because, normally, they opt for small and discreet tattoos and, gypsy women tattoos are the opposite because, as we have said, they are large so they can not be captured in discreet areas but in the shoulders, legs or back.

Gypsy Women Tattoos on parts of the body

We have said that they are tattoos that require a lot of details so the size has to be medium or large. This already rules out areas of the body such as the wrist, ankle or the inside of the arm.

Gypsy Women Tattoos on the Arm

Especially on the shoulder, which is a very visible area and has a lot of space so tattoos in this area is quite easy for artists.

Gypsy Women's Tattoos on the Leg

Mainly on the thigh, although we can also find them on the calf, both areas are very wide so it is easy to capture tattoos here.

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