20 Ideas of Friendship Tattoos

If there is something special in life is friendship, that is why many people decide to get tattoos to symbolize in a graphic and artistic way their beautiful friendship on the skin, friendship is shown in many different ways and, when it is done through tattoos, you want to show that this friendship will last forever just as it does a tattoo on the skin. The word friendship is very broad and subjective and is that true friendship is one of the greatest treasures we have, friends are that family we choose, we want to have close, to take care and to take care of us, to keep and value. When we talk about friends, we should not only think about the friends we make in childhood, which undoubtedly can occupy a great space in our heart and can be very important, because, a true friend can become that person that you have known for only two years and, in the last stage of your life. We also know that a good friend is not only the one who is there in the good times, but also in the bad times, when you need them the most. In the same way, a good friend is not only the one with whom we share our day to day, a friend can be the one you have at great distances, a good friend is the one with whom you relate as if you just saw him the day before even if it has been years without seeing you.

Most Popular Friendship Tattoos

If you have one or more friends who are worth gold and you are thinking of getting a tattoo to symbolize your great friendship, but you haven't decided on one yet, here are some ideas to inspire you.

  • Puzzles: this tattoo is very fashionable lately, as it is a very fun and original way to represent friendship. Friendship is like a puzzle and you need the pieces to fit together. Normally, one person draws a piece and the other, the other piece, when a piece fits, it's like when you get along well with someone and have a special feeling, hence this tattoo is used between friends.

    • Infinity: the infinity symbol is a recurring sign in this type of friendship tattoos because it is the best way to express that friendship has no end. For that person who will be by your side forever, for that person for whom you will always fight, and for that friend with whom you would go to infinity and beyond.

        Meanings and Symbolism of Friendship Tattoos

        As we have already said, getting a tattoo that represents friendship with one or more friends is a perfect way to seal it permanently. Some of the main meanings of friendship tattoos are:

        • Hearts: hearts are very common images in this style, some people tattoo hearts that include friendship phrases. A heart on the ankles or wrists is a very good option.

        • Butter and jam: this design symbolizes the complementarity of those who wear it, it's a pretty funny way to show how close they are to each other.

        • Symmetrical designs: if you don't really want to focus on words and prefer images, there are plenty of symbols to choose from. If you prefer a more feminine touch, you can always add a knot.

        • Celtic knots: The Celtic knot symbolizes eternity, infinite loyalty, love and friendship. It is also known as the mystical knot or the infinity knot. If you look closely at these beautiful knots, you will notice that there is no identification of where it begins and where it ends, which is a reminder of the eternal nature of our spirit.

          • Phrases or song lyrics: you can place an additional design on the phrase of your choice, such as hearts, puzzle pieces or even small characters that represent that phrase. It is very common to place half of the phrase on one person and the other part on the other and, by joining these two halves, the complete phrase is formed which will indicate to the rest the great friendship that unites you.

          Friendship Tattoos for Men

          Generally, men opt for larger tattoos and thicker strokes, also usually contain enough colors to make them more visible.

          Friendship Tattoos for Women

          Women, usually opt for minimalist tattoos with thin strokes. They are usually in black ink, but there are always those who prefer that the tattoo is composed of many colors.

          Small Friendship Tattoos

          Minimalist style and mainly in black, these tattoos are usually placed on the wrist, the inside of the arm or ankle and are perfect for those who want a discreet tattoo.

          Large Friendship Tattoos

          Large friendship tattoos are found on the shoulder, forearm or calf, they are usually done with lots of colors, so they stand out more and are even more visible.

          Friendship Tattoos on Body Parts

          There are many places on your body to place friendship tattoos, wrists, on the back of your hands, chest, ankles, fingers, shoulders, back, along your spine, on your feet or on your neck. Ideally, both of you should place the tattoo in the same place, so that the essence of the friendship is complete. The arms and wrists are the most common places to place one of these designs, as they are easy to see and are a constant reminder of the strong friendship that exists. The chest is the closest place to your heart, and since we are talking about two people who love each other, this becomes a very good area to get a tattoo.

          Friendship Tattoos on the Arm

          It is the part where we find more friendship tattoos, both on the wrist, as above the elbow, the inside of the arm are perfect to capture a friendship tattoo. They can be of any type, large or small, and can be two equal drawings, complementary or phrases.

          Friendship Tattoos on the Ankle

          Here, the tattoos are small, since the ankle does not have much space. They are usually complementary drawings and are very original. This area is perfect for those who want a tattoo that is discreet.

          Friendship Tattoos on the Ribs

          It is one of the favorite areas of women, although the process of getting a tattoo on the ribs can be a little painful, then the result is very nice, it is also another way to show that for your friend or friend would do anything.

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