20 Chinese Symbol Tattoo Ideas and Their Meanings

Chinese symbols and their meanings for tattoos are some of the most sought after tattoos. Chinese character tattoos have always represented courage and are one of the most popular tattoos that exist. Almost all professional tattoo artists learn to do this kind of tattoos, for which a great technique is needed, since a small change or mistake can change the meaning of the message that you want to convey. The Chinese alphabet, has a great variety of characters so it takes some time to find those that best fit what you want to carry and convey.

The Most Popular Chinese Symbol Tattoos

Chinese symbol tattoos, are captured in both men and women and the size varies depending on the number of characters that are used and the area where they decide to capture. It is common to see them in black ink as it helps them to stand out properly, however, recent trends have included the use of colored inks in these tattoos to print a different effect of leftovers or lights to them. These characters can be arranged horizontally, just as we do in our language, or vertically, for areas such as the arms or back.

Meanings of Chinese Symbol Tattoos

In any case, what is really important is the motto, word or phrase you choose, perhaps you should be aware that everything surrounding the tattoo should help to explain what you want to show with the tattoo, it is not just an accessory, but what really matters is what you are going to get tattooed. In case you choose a tattoo with a very intense meaning for you and you also want everyone to know that you wear it and that you are proud of what it means.

Chinese Symbol Tattoos on Body Parts

The human body can be a huge canvas on which to draw and describe those feelings that captivate us, that we fall in love with, that attract us, that frighten us, that we are fond of. Tattoos with words or quotes are a very good opportunity to express everything we feel. As we have said before, Chinese symbol tattoos can be placed anywhere on the body, since they can be done in many sizes.

Chinese Symbol Tattoos on the Back

On the back, the most common is that the designs of the symbol tattoos are on the spine, so the phrases are written vertically. Depending on the tastes of each person and what they want to get tattooed, Chinese symbol tattoos on the back can go from the back of the neck to the lumbar spine. Other times, we find them almost on the side and in a smaller size.

Chinese Symbol Tattoos on the Neck

On the side or on the back of the neck, usually no more than three characters are tattooed, as the space available for tattooing on the neck is quite small. When getting a tattoo on your neck you must take into account that you may have difficulties when it comes to finding a job, that's why many people prefer them in very small sizes and behind the ear or on the back of the neck, as they are very easy to hide.

Chinese Symbol Tattoos on the Arm

From the shoulder to the wrist, we can find Chinese symbol tattoos anywhere on the arm. If what we want is a small and discreet tattoo, the wrist is perfect but if, on the contrary, we want it to be bigger and more visible, the shoulder or the forearm is perfect to get a tattoo of Chinese symbols.

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