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    20 Best Zodiac Singos Tattoos and Their Meanings

    Tattoos with zodiac signs as a design have gained a huge surge in popularity among all kinds of people all over the world in the last few decades, becoming a popular way to show off your astrological sign today. If you consult your horoscope on a regular basis or even have ever had a birth chart done, it means that astrology carries a lot of weight or is part of your personality and belief system. If this is the case, waste no time and take a look at our wonderful gallery of zodiac sign design tattoos images.

    Most Popular Zodiac Sign Tattoos

    When it comes to choosing a tattoo of any zodiac sign, there are several options when it comes to the style of the tattoo. One of the most commonly used is to represent the characteristic animal of the zodiac sign in question, resulting in tattoos that are larger, eye-catching and usually colorful. On the other hand, another very common style is to choose the representative glyph of the zodiac sign, thus obtaining smaller and more discreet tattoos, but keeping all the meaning. Some tattoos of the zodiac signs allow a more open interpretation than others regarding the choice of images to represent them.

    Zodiac Sign Meanings and Symbolisms

    In order to treat this subject in depth and give as much information as possible, we are going to look at the zodiac signs one by one and discover the meaning and symbolism that each one hides behind it.

    • Aries, represented by the ram. Its dates are from March 21 to April 20, and its motto is "I am". As positive characteristics, people under the sign of Aries tend to be adventurous and courageous, they understand anything quickly and have energy and enthusiasm in quantity. On the other hand, these people also tend to be selfish, finding themselves more important than anyone else, and lose their temper quickly, being abrupt and impulsive.
    • Taurus, this zodiac sign is represented by the bull. Their dates are from April 21 to May 21 and their motto is "I have". As positive characteristics, people influenced by the sign of Taurus usually have a great sense of responsibility, so they can be counted on. They also love art and good food. On the contrary, as flaws, these people can be possessive, stubborn and lazy or materialistic and greedy.
    • Gemini is the sign of the zodiac represented by twins. Their dates are from May 22 to June 21 and their motto is "I think". As positive qualities, people under the sign of Gemini are generally very flexible and communicative, they are also spontaneous, funny, intelligent and talkative. As flaws, these people can be fickle and superficial.
    • Cancer is represented by the crab. Their dates are June 22nd to July 22nd. Their motto is "I feel". People influenced by the sign of Cancer tend to be very sensitive, understanding and intuitive, as well as attentive and loving. On the other hand, these people can become overly sensitive, melancholic and taciturn.
    • Leo is represented by the lion. Their dates are from July 23 to August 22, and their motto is "I believe". As positive characteristics, Leo people tend to be powerful, self-confident and creative. They are good leaders and organizers. Conversely, these people can also be domineering and intolerant, often seeking to be the center of attention.
    • Virgo is the sign represented by a virgin. Their dates are from August 23rd to September 23rd and their motto is "I analyze". Among their virtues, Virgo people stand out for being analytical, modest and intelligent. They are good workers and orderly. As defects, these people can be too critical and selective, paying too much attention to details.
    • Libra, the balance. Their dates are September 24 to October 23, and their motto is "I balance". People under the sign of Libra are kind and charming, idealistic, romantic and with a sense of justice. But they can also be very indecisive and changeable.
    • Scorpio is represented by a scorpion. Their dates are from October 24 to November 22 and their motto is "I search within". Scorpio people tend to be intense and passionate, with powerful emotions. On the other hand, these people can be jealous, stubborn and sometimes cruel.
    • Sagittarius is represented by an archer. Their dates are November 23 to December 22, and their motto is "I seek freedom". Sagittarius people are optimistic and sincere, having also a talent for languages and studies. These people can also be restless and tactless.
    • Capricorn is represented by a water goat. Its dates are from December 23 to January 19, and its motto is "I use". People under the sign of Capricorn are usually reliable, determined, rational, patient and disciplined. As flaws, these people can be strict and pessimistic.
    • Aquarius is the water bearer. Their dates are January 20 to February 19 and their motto is "I know". People under the influence of Aquarius are very independent, original and inventive, loyal and intuitive. These people can also be eccentric and careless.
    • Pisces, represented by fish. Their dates are February 20 to March 20, and their motto is "I believe". Pisces people tend to be kind, sensitive, humble and empathetic. But it is also true that these people can be indecisive, lazy and disorganized.

    Zodiac Sign Tattoos for Men

    While it's true that zodiac sign tattoos are usually more popular among women than men, we can find them too. They prefer more intricate elements such as bracelet tattoos where the main element is the zodiac icon.

    Zodiac Sign Tattoos for Women

    Women opt for simpler and more minimalist tattoos than men. They outline with few lines the symbol and they look great and are discreet.

    Small Zodiac Signs Tattoos

    This type of tattoos are not usually large, they are usually medium or small sizes, so that both men and women can wear them in the part of the body they prefer, because there are no areas of the body specially reserved for these tattoos, the whole body is available for the cause.

    Large Zodiac Sign Tattoos

    As we have said, it is not the most common, but each person has their own tastes so we can also find zodiac sign tattoos in large size. These tattoos usually have thicker lines than in the case of the small ones and with other designs complementing it.

    Zodiac Sign Tattoos on Body Parts

    We have already said that most of them are small in size, so we can find them anywhere. Let's see some examples:

    Zodiac Sign Tattoos on the Wrist

    It is where most zodiac signtattoos are found, they are very minimalist styles. There are different styles so they adapt perfectly to the tastes of each one.

    Zodiac Sign Tattoos on the Back of the Neck

    They look very pretty and, if you have long hair, they are very easy to hide so you shouldn't have any problems. Just like on the wrist, they are quite small.

    Zodiac Sign Tattoos on the Ribs

    Another very discreet area but one that allows more freedom for tattoos. They can be done in both large and small sizes.

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