20 Best Wave Tattoo Ideas and Their Meanings

The sea is an element of nature that greatly influences the life of human beings. Those who live in coastal areas know that the sea is very important and that it would be difficult to live without it. And those who live in inland areas appreciate even more those few days of the year when they visit coastal areas and enjoy the immensity and beauty of the sea. That's why it's not surprising that there are many who decide to capture that unruly force of the sea in the form of waves on their skin. Wave tattoos are becoming increasingly popular, especially among young people. If you want to know everything about these tattoos, don't lose detail of what we tell you below.

Meanings and Symbolism of Wave Tattoos

Waves are a direct representation of one of the great forces of nature, and that's why there are many tattoo designs that take advantage of this symbol. Wave tattoos remind us of the sound of the sea, the wind and scenarios of beach and relaxation, but also of strength and unrelenting patience. They relate directly to the ocean and maritime life. The classic work called "Kanagawa Wave" has inspired millions of people who join the world of tattoos to give a message of love for nature, water and water sports. There is no doubt that the sea gives a lot of respect and waves are one of the greatest forces of nature. Waves can wipe out entire villages or sink large ships. Therefore, the tattoo of a wave can be linked to the strength of a person to face problems. This type of tattoos represent the sea totally rough and with quite realistic waves that make you feel the strength of the sea itself. In addition, a wave is also a symbol of the flow of life, sometimes the waves of the sea are calm and reach the shore in a smooth way. However, there are other times when the sea is rough and the waves are much rougher and dangerous.

Wave Tattoos for Men

As in most cases, men tend to opt for wave tattoos designs in a realistic style and with different colors. We can find from large tattoos with big waves and rough sea, to minimalist tattoos with just one or two waves. The wave tattoos can be accompanied with other drawings such as the sun or birds, or without other complementary drawing so that it is more discreet.

Wave Tattoos for Women

The most common wave tattoos for women are minimalist in style, with thin lines and black. The most popular are those that reflect the silhouette of a single wave and, as they are so minimalist and do not require many details, they are usually captured anywhere on the body.

Small Wave Tattoos

Most wave tattoos are small in size as in many cases they don't require a lot of detail. The inner side of the arm, the wrist or the ribs are the areas of the body where most small wave tattoos are usually applied.

Large Wave Tattoos

On the back, shoulders, sides or legs is where we can find most large wave tattoos as they are areas that allow the tattoos to be larger and the designs contain more details. Also, in these cases, wave tattoos are accompanied with other designs to complement the meaning and symbolism of the waves themselves.

Wave Tattoos on Body Parts

Wave tattoos are very versatile designs. That is, because of their shape and structure, they adapt easily to almost any part of the body. That's why it won't be difficult for you to choose the place where you want to ink your wave. The first thing you should take into account when choosing the part of the body where you are going to get the tattoo, is the size you want it to have, if it is a small design, it will be easier to adapt it to any part of the body.

Ankle Wave Tattoos

On the ankle, tattoos in general are difficult to do if you are thinking about a first tattoo. Choose the design well so that the artist can work and achieve the image you want on your body. A wave in the lower area represents connection between what is happening in the environment.

Wave Tattoos on the Foot

On the foot you can get some beautiful tattoos with the design of waves, mainly because feet have a lot of connection between the human being and the ocean. The details can be a bit tricky to achieve and it may take a few sessions for large and complex tattoos, but they look great.

Wave Tattoos on the Arm

On the arm you will find a wide variety of inspirational wave tattoo designs. The connection between the ocean, the secrets of the sea and the strength of the arms makes it an amazing area for tribal tattoos. The wrist has no place for complex tattoos, but waves can be done in different ways and look great. On the forearm, small or medium sized wave tattoos, mainly of the minimalist type, stand out.

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