20 best tattoos that signify strength and self-improvement

If you have gone through some bad moments in your life and you want to leave them behind, in a special way and captured on your skin, then these designs are perfect for you.
Tattoos that mean strength and overcoming are very varied and of course, there is no single symbol that indicates this meaning. Maybe you already know many of the tattoos we show you here. What you may not know is that they have a symbolism beyond what we are used to.

The most popular Strength and Overcoming Tattoos

The tattoos of strength and overcoming, can be anything that has a deep meaning for us. Although we are going to present you some of the most common ideas, any type and style of tattoo can mean whatever you want, and only we know our history and what these motifs symbolize on our skin.

Symbols and Symbolism of Strength and Overcoming Tattoos

Nature can leave us unique symbols and they will be the ones that adorn our skin, in addition, in many of them, we can enjoy a meaning of strength and overcoming. One of them is the Koi fish, undoubtedly, a design known by all tattoo lovers and it is not for less. Legend has it that this fish was able to climb the waterfalls of the Yellow River in China, with the reward of being turned into a dragon. In general, it can be said to be the perfect symbol against adversity. In addition, it recognizes perseverance and strength to get what you want.

  • Koi fish tattoo: this typical Japanese tattoo motif also has a symbolism of metamorphosis and perseverance, legend has it that the Koi carp went up the Yellow River against the current, and as a reward became a dragon. Because of its strength to go against the establishment, it has become a very popular design. The Japanese dragon tattoo, Ryu, is also related to this legend.

  • Butterfly tattoo: the symbolism of the butterfly as overcoming, change and metamorphosis is indisputable, whether as a small symbol or silhouette in discreet places, or in its most maximalist version with all the colors that this small insect has, it is one of the most popular tattoos among women.

  • Tribal tattoo: some tribal symbols such as the Tabono, African symbol of strength and perseverance, or the Triskelion, Celtic symbol of will and advancement, are also very popular.

  • Bull tattoos: the brave bull is a symbol of strength in many parts of the world, a sacred animal in Celtic culture and has been gaining prominence as a tattoo of overcoming.

  • Amulet tattoos: tattoos of amulets of any culture give us energy and protection to move forward. One of the most common is the tattoo of Fatima's hand, an Arab symbol against the evil eye and with a very popular significance as a talisman.

  • Phoenix tattoo: the phoenix is one of the most international symbols of overcoming, of being reborn from the ashes with more strength and energy. Thus, it becomes a very popular tattoo of overcoming in all kinds of cultures and tattoo styles.

  • Tree tattoos: Tattoos of trees, and especially oak trees, symbolize strength and endurance in adverse conditions, and the will to grow stronger and taller.

  • Semicolon tattoo: especially, it is performed among victims of mental health, self-harm or suicide attempts. It symbolizes the pause that must be taken before moving forward and overcoming adversity.

    Tattoos of Strength and Overcoming for Men

    The strength and overcoming tattoos for men,drawn with thick lines and in medium or large size, are usually painted with different colors and in visible areas, so that everyone is clear about what they want to symbolize with this tattoo.

    Tattoos of Strength and Overcoming for Women

    Smaller and in more discreet areas, the style that predominates among the tattoos of strength and self-improvement that women get are of minimalist style.

    Small Tattoos of Strength and Overcoming

    The small tattoos of strength and overcoming of small size, are usually minimalist style, normally, are captured in black ink and in very discreet areas. Lately the minimalist style is very fashionable among tattoos, especially among those who are new to the world of tattoos.

    Big Tattoos of Strength and Overcoming

    With more colors and in visible and wide areas, such as the back, chest, shoulder or calf. Normally, those who wear tattoos in these areas, it is because they want the tattoos to look good and throughout the year as this is a tattoo with a great meaning.

    Tattoos of Strength and Overcoming in parts of the body

    Depending on the style we want our tattoo to be, we can place it in one area or another. The wrist, the inside of the arm or the ankle, are perfect for minimalist style tattoos, on the other hand, the shoulder, back, chest or calf, are ideal areas for those who want large tattoos, realistic style and full of colors.

    Strength and Overcoming Tattoos on the Arm

    The types of tattoos that can be done on the arm are very varied, which is why it is the most tattooed part of the body. You can get any type of tattoo, big and realistic or small and minimalist style, so it is ideal for those who have already had the experience of getting tattooed some other time or for those who are starting in this.

    Tattoos of Strength and Overcoming on the Back

    On the back, the tattoos are usually very large, the tattoos contain a lot of detail, and are done in black ink as well as in many colors. Also, in many cases, the tattoos are full of shadows. They are usually placed in the middle of the back.

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