20 Best Tattoo Ideas Symbolizing Peace

Few symbols are as recognizable as the peace symbol, after the 1960s and the rise of the anti-war movements, the symbol became popular and recognizable at a glance. Nowadays, if we were asked to draw it we could probably do it without any inconvenience, it is a circle with a vertical line and an inverted v letter.

Most Popular Peace Symbol Tattoos

The peace symbol has been a recurring motif in tattoos, its meaning is simple and forceful. Peace is one of the most precious goods of humanity and therefore it is important to defend it in any latitude of the world, these tattoos have been developed with multiple styles and with many variations. Some of them mix musical symbols such as the treble clef with the peace symbol, others include the colors related to LGBT pride. Other motifs are much more complex and relate to environmental and spiritual ideas. All agree that peace is an important asset for the future of humanity. In addition, there are other emblems that are associated with peace, such as the white flag or the peace pipe. the white flag or the peace pipe. The white flag was taken out in battles to parley with the enemy to parley with the enemy, cease fire or cease fighting, the peace pipe was used by North American Indian tribes... as a symbol of brotherhood between neighboring tribes.

Peace Symbol Tattoos for Men

There are no tattoos for men or for women, but men usually opt for large tattoos with thick lines, so that the lines are clearly visible. As the lines are usually thick, landscapes or other drawings are painted in relief.

Peace Symbol Tattoos for Women

They are usually smaller and minimalist in style, mainly in black. Women usually place their tattoos in discreet areas, such as the wrist or forearm.

Small Tattoos of the Peace Symbol

We can find them in minimalist style, or with many colors, also, being small in size, can be captured without problems in any part of the body and are perfect everywhere.

Large Peace Symbol Tattoos

Whether because the lines are thick, or because we can complement them with other tattoos large tattoos of the peace symbol, we can place them on the back, leg or shoulder.

Peace Symbol Tattoos on body parts

First of all, you must be clear about the style of tattoo you want, since, depending on the area where we want the tattoo, it will have to be of one size or another. The parts of the body where most of the peace symbol tattoos are found are the arm, the back or the leg.

Peace Symbol Tattoos on the Arm

On the arm, we can find tattoos of any kind, both small and minimalist style, as well as large and with other designs to complement the tattoo.

Peace Symbol Tattoos on the Back of the Neck

On the back of the neck, small in size and minimalist style, usually on the upper part near the shoulder or in the middle of the back. We can find them in many sizes and styles.

Peace Symbol Tattoos on the leg

On the calf, they are very visible and are usually very large and colorful. Normally men are the ones who choose to get peace symbol tattoos on the leg.

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