20 Best Star Tattoos Ideas and Their Meanings

In many cultures, religions and beliefs, stars are one of the oldest symbols. Therefore, this image is one of the most potent and powerful. They can also have more personal meanings. For example, you can get a star tattoo that symbolizes a goal or dream you want to achieve, or an accomplishment you have already achieved.

Meanings and Symbolism of Star Tattoos

Stars are elements of great power, elements of guidance and protection for travelers. They also represent the light that protects against the advance of darkness. It is a design that represents spirituality and the search for truth. The stars are very different, there being models of shooting stars that represent the desire and strength of nature, as well as good luck; five-pointed stars, which allude to spirituality; nautical stars, which represents the return with health and riches from a journey; or the nine-pointed stars, which represent balance in the midst of periods of change.

Star Tattoos for Men

Although it may seem that among men star tattoos are not very popular, the truth is that they are. The star designs that men prefer, are those that are very detailed, preferring fewer stars but more complete or with complementary designs to give an even more direct and strong symbolism.

Star Tattoos for Women

In star tattoo designs for women, the interplay between various constellations stands out. Some designs include models of shooting stars, empty stars or dark stars, creating a sense of greater variety.

Small Star Tattoos

Small, minimalist tattoos are an excellent alternative for those who are just starting to get tattoos, or for those who want few sessions or simple designs. These star tattoos stand out for using the minimum number of strokes, lines and dots to create star constellations and give a message.

Large Star Tattoos

Star tattoos are very popular among men because, as we have said, they prefer to get star tattoos with more details, so the size has to be considerable, other times, many stars are tattooed together, but these designs are usually simpler. They are usually placed on the arm, chest and back.

Star Tattoos on Body Parts

The part of the body we choose to get a star tattoo on is also important, because it will determine characteristics such as the design and the size that can look best. To give you more inspiring ideas, below, we will show you examples of star tattoos on different parts of the body, specifically where most of them are usually placed, explaining the meaning in each of the cases.

Star Tattoos on the Arm

The arm is a very common location for star tattoos, mainly because you can adapt the sizes and designs to work comfortably to achieve great results. On the wrist, we can do medium or small star tattoos. They are easy to hide if we don't want them to be seen, but they are also eye-catching places because you can always slip just a tip to generate intrigue.

Star Tattoos on the Neck

Many men and women choose to get small and medium sized star tattoos on their necks. It is an area where they look great because they reflect their meaning and can be displayed discreetly.

Star Tattoos on the Back

The size of star tattoos on the back can vary depending on the area of the back or what you want to be seen. For example, you can have small stars below the neck or on the shoulder blade, or a larger design that takes up more space on the back.

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