20 best pirate tattoos and their meanings

Tattoos, unlike other arts on the skin such as piercings, have a huge variety of designs and shapes, so that many people can find a design that is to their complete liking, as it will be a mark that will accompany them for the rest of their lives. Pirates are subjects that are in charge of plundering and stealing ships, and their origin is as old as the origin of ships and navigations through the vast seas and oceans. Over the years, pirates have been the protagonists of multiple literary works, small screen series and, of course, movies on the big screen, so it has made the use of these tattoos is very popular among people.

Meanings of Pirate Tattoos

Pirate face tattoos have a lot of meanings, from some quite positive and interesting, to dark and evil meanings. Their most common meanings are:

  • Adventurous spirit and freedom in life: a great passion for living new experiences and learning as much as possible from them, in a way that is usually out of the monotonous schemes of a boring and repetitive daily life.
  • Character of bravery and courage: those who wear these tattoos, are people who face various complicated situations throughout their lives and emerge victorious from these fights with destiny.
  • Love for the sea and all that it implies: even if they are its worst things, which implies that it is a person who is able to navigate the calmest seas, but also the stormiest, so they are often associated with sailors.
  • Among its most negative meanings, are those who gave this type of tattoos, ie, people who are able to do little to get a lot in life, great wealth and everything good, even if it is necessary to charge the lives of innocent people to achieve it.

Pirate Tattoos for Men

Predominantly black ink and with many details, other times, they are accompanied with some red ink to highlight some of the details. The most popular are those of the characters of the Pirates of the Caribbean saga and, especially, those of the famous Jack Sparrow.

Pirate Tattoos for Women

They are not very popular among women but we can always find some exceptions. They feature female pirates or skulls with hats in a more minimalist style.

Large Pirate Tattoos

We can find them on the chest, back or arms. The most predominant option is the face of the famous Captain Jack Sparrow, the main character of the Disney movie series. Other characters from this saga are also common among the pirate face tattoos, but without such prominence. The big pirate tattoos have a lot of details, and they are usually in black ink.

  • Black and white
  • Combination on both hands
  • With drawings all around

Small Pirate Tattoos

It is difficult to find small tattoos of pirate faces because those who get these tattoos, intend to make them visible so that everyone is clear about what they represent. Besides, getting small tattoos with lots of details is very complicated, so if you want a small tattoo, you will have to go to a very experienced tattoo artist.

  • Unrealistic, but with lots of colours
  • Jack Sparrow, in black and white
  • On the hand, with lots of colors

Pirate tattoos on body parts

Those who get pirate tattoos want them to be visible, so tattoos on the arm, back or leg are the most common.

Pirate Tattoos on the Arm

Especially on the shoulder, as it is very visible and allows the tattoos to be large and with lots of details.

Pirate Tattoos on the Back

Although it is true that the back is not as visible as the arm, it is an area where people usually get a lot of tattoos. Being a very large area of the body, tattoos can be of any type, whether large or small, occupying the entire back or just a part of it.

Pirate Tattoos on the Leg

On the calf, a very visible area especially when it starts to get hot. In this case men are the ones who usually opt for tattoos pirates on the leg.

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