20 Best Indian Tattoo Ideas and Their Meanings

Indian tattoos are a way of representing where our ancestors came from. The aboriginal culture was very believing in their gods and spirits of kind energy. Because of this, it is common to see tattoos of Indian gods tattooed on the skin. Indian tattoos can be very varied as they can include feathers, amulets and other symbols related to strength and security. They are usually done on both men's and women's bodies and almost always represent something important to that person. In fact, they are associated with values such as protection and respect. Among Indian tattoos, there are two main types: Apache Indian tattoos and American Indian tattoos.

Most Popular Indian Tattoos or Native American Tattoos

Indian tattoos can be very varied, they can have only feathers, symbolic amulets, Indian faces and other symbols focused on the strength and security of their people. The dream catchers are some of the best known Indian tattoos, looking for positivity in dreams objects were made to rest better and avoid negative dreams, the Ojibwa were the greatest creators of this symbol, North American Indians totally rooted to their beliefs. It is also very common to see the faces of warriors in Indian tattoos, they are usually shown in profile or front depending also on the place, size and space in which they are to be placed. Indian feathers are usually a symbol of courage and security, they are generally protective symbols that in tattoos can have different shapes, although it also depends on the type of feather you want to place, the most common are the Indian feathers, they are usually placed on the feet, neck, at the end of the back or on the shoulder.

Meanings and Symbolism of Indian Tattoos

Every tattoo that includes Indians, also contains an identity. By the style or shape of their lines each tattoo tends to have a distinctive mark that differentiates them from each tribe, so you can notice and even feel the great heritage that, since the times before the first modernity, still continues to persist. Its deep meaning lies in the close relationship that the native man maintained with nature. The spiritual union they had with nature and the harmony of knowing how to coexist with it. Each symbol has a mythical and transcendental meaning, such as the dream catcher that for the natives was a safe way to protect themselves from bad dreams. This symbol has endured to this day and is considered a favorite. Another symbolic form is the representation of the Indian. The Indian woman is particularly beautiful, with a serene look and always young appearance, which means the beauty of the American Indian, but lethal and brave, so it is also associated with a young warrior. The Indian chief, in turn, represents dignity, strength and honor; he is added as an old face since he also represents wisdom.

Indian Tattoos for Men

Indian tattoos are usually done on the body of both men and women and almost always represent something important to that person, in the vast majority are symbols of good luck and self-confidence. As we have said, Indian tattoos are usually done on the body of both men and women, but men usually opt for large tattoos, in black ink and with a lot of details.

Indian Tattoos for Women

Smaller in size and minimalist in style are the types of tattoos that predominate among women, although it is also true that there are different tattoos for different tastes, so many women also opt for large and colorful tattoos. Feather, bird or dreamcatcher tattoos are the most common among women.

Small Indian or Indigenous Tattoos

On the inner side of the arm, wrist or neck is where most of the Indian or indigenous tattoos are found, the style in which these designs are usually minimalist, which does not detract from its meaning, but sometimes adds to it, since those who tattoo discreet areas, usually do it because they can see very specific people.

Big Indian or Indigenous Tattoos

Full of details and, in many occasions, with different colors. We find them on the shoulders and occupying much of the arm, back or leg as they are areas where large tattoos can be captured very easily.

Indian or Indigenous Tattoos on parts of the body

Among the tattoos of Indians or Indians, we can see a great variety, not only of designs but also in parts of the body in which we can find them as small designs look good anywhere, and large, have enough other parts where to capture them.

Indian or Indigenous Tattoos on the Arm

Both large and small, and many different styles. Women usually opt for the inside of the arm or wrist, while men the forearm or shoulders.

Indian or Indigenous Tattoos on the Back

On the back, we find a wide variety of tattoos. From those that are just above the spine, which go from the nape of the neck to the lower back, on the upper back or the lower back. On other occasions, Indian or indigenous tattoos occupy the entire back with designs that can even recreate a scene.

Indian Tattoos on the leg

They occupy the entire calf or much of the thigh, with many details and colors, are quite visible areas. Usually men are the ones who opt for this type of tattoos.

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