20 best fish tattoos and their meanings

Marine life has always been an integral part of human history, as it was one of our earliest sources of food. Furthermore, our love affair with fish has evolutionary origins. Many anthropologists believe that one of the main drivers of our evolution was to include fish in our diet. The reason is that it is high in omega fatty acids, and these fuel brain development. However, fish has become much more than a food on our plates; in many cultures around the world, they express people's spirituality.

Meanings and Symbolism of Fish Tattoos

Fish tattoos are characterized by symbolizing fertility, creativity, eternity and happiness. The water in which the fish swims is essential for life and is considered as the main element that brings abundance to the fields, so it is also associated with good luck. The aquatic environment is also immense and unfathomable and leads to the idea of mystery because of the grandeur of the underwater world. Fish tattoos also remind us of the feminine side and the power of reproduction because it has been an ancient symbol that reminds us of motherhood, birth and the creation of new life. Another thing that fish tattoos are associated with are good fortune and the ability to provide good food within the family, or perseverance, love and affection. Sometimes fish have to swim against the current and overcome all the adversities that the environment and nature present to them. Usually they are also very interesting and can overcome any obstacle so they have a connotation of courage and adaptation.

Fish Tattoos for Men

Although there are no tattoos that are specific for men, it is true that there are some designs that men are more likely to get tattooed, are the Koi fish, a Chinese fish that are highly prized, as it is said to attract prosperity, so it is not uncommon to be one of the most demanded symbols to be tattooed. Normally, men tend to place their fish tattoos on the arm, especially on the shoulder, which is perhaps the most visible area. In addition, they usually have a multitude of colors, which contrast with each other such as red, orange, yellow or even blue.

Fish Tattoos for Women

Among women, tattoos are usually smaller than those of men and in areas such as the back, lower back, side or arms, near the wrist, as they tend to opt for more discreet tattoos. In addition, the fish tattoos that women tend to get are black or orange and more minimalist in style.

Small Fish Tattoos

Fish tattoos, are not usually very difficult designs to capture but have so many small details that it takes many hours to completely finish this drawing, the need for detail, makes them medium or large. The exceptions are found in the minimalist style designs which, as we said before, are one of the types of tattoos that women prefer. Small fish tattoos are usually found behind the ear, on the wrist or on the ankle.

Large Fish Tattoos

As we have said, many of them need a lot of details, which means that several hours are needed to capture them and a large surface, otherwise, the details may not be appreciated and, instead of a good defined tattoo, it looks like a stain on our skin. Large fish tattoos are usually placed on the shoulder or back and those who get them tattooed, accompany them with other designs such as flowers.

Fish Tattoos on Body Parts

We can find fish tattoos on any part of the body, but if we have to stay with the most chosen areas are the arm, leg or back.

Fish Tattoos on the Arm

Both men and women, usually opt for the arm when it comes to getting a tattoo, as we have said, men, especially opt for the shoulders and women for the wrists, so the variety of designs that we can find is very wide.

Fish Tattoos on Legs

When we talk about fish tattoos on the leg, we mainly refer to the area of the calf or ankles. Here it happens something very similar to the arm, in the calf tattoos are large, with many details and are quite visible, while in the ankle, tattoos are small and minimalist.

Fish Tattoos on the Back

Many times, they occupy the entire back accompanied by other designs, but others, on the lower back or on the upper back, are a little smaller in size.

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