20 Best Christian Symbol Tattoos and Their Meanings

Man's relationship with God is instinctive and belief in a Great Creator is universal. Christians desire to glorify the Supreme Being in every way possible, sometimes even imprinting their bodies with Christian tattoos. They consider their faith to be the most intimate way to let Jesus into their lives. According to biblical scholars, there is no explicit prohibition regarding tattoos, even if this procedure might seem to be in contradiction with the general, invasive culture of the human body.

Most Popular Christian Symbol Tattoos

The popularity of Christian tattoos seems to be growing rather than fading, if compared to other types of tattoos. Crosses, crucifixes and scenes of dramatic events from the bible are more common than you might think. Classic portraits of Jesus Christ alone, with the Virgin Mary or with his apostles are the most sought after designs. They are open to different styles and interpretations. Formidable biblical scenes, such as the opening of the Red Sea, the 7 Plagues, the Last Supper and many others, are ideal tattoos to place on large areas of the body such as the back and chest. Biblical passages, used as themes for tattoos, are an effective way to connect humans to their spiritual beliefs. Fervent Christians usually have bible passages that are their favorites and this they use as a source of inspiration and enlightenment. Psalms and excerpts from the Holy Scriptures are sacred tattoos because both the Old and New Testaments are rich in very inspirational religious quotes. The most popular Christian symbol tattoos are:

  • The Trisquel: sometimes also called the Trinity Knot, it represents the water, the sea and the sun, this belief has pagan origins, but Christians adopted it as a symbol to represent the Holy Trinity: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. In addition, the Trisquel also represents eternity.
  • The lotus: this oriental plant has a delicate and fragrant flower, even though it grows on the surface of the water, surrounded by mud. The open lotus flower symbolizes purity and enlightenment, in reference to Hindu beliefs.
  • Anchor: Early Christians considered anchors as a representation of salvation, hope and eternal life. The ancient Roman catacombs, where Christian martyrs are buried, contain epitaphs with anchors drawn on them.
  • Water: the wave is the symbolic representation of water for Christians, but also for tattoo artists, it is the traditional and universal symbol of life in almost all cultures and religions. The followers of Shintoism, Christians, Muslims and Jews purify themselves symbolically through water. Sikhs, show their commitment to the tenets of their faith during an initiation ceremony where they drink a mixture of water and sugar called Amrit.
  • The Cross: The Cross is the symbol that most identifies us with God, Christians know and have a sacred obligation to understand the meaning and importance of the life of Christ. Every believer believes that Jesus Christ, the son of God, died on the cross to save men from their sins. The cross is the symbol of God's eternal love for mankind, His saving grace, His selfless sacrifice, His power, and His redemption.
  • Semicolon: In grammar, semicolons represent a pause, then a thought. This sign represents a commitment to life, as part of Christian symbols, as they believe that the struggles and difficulties of life are only temporary and that victory is always at the end of the road.
  • The dove: this bird has biblical, traditional and cultural meanings, according to the Bible, it was a dove that showed Noah that the waters were finally receding, as it carried an olive branch in its beak. The dove is shown as a symbol of calm and peace. The dove, in Greek mythology, is associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of love. In Christianity, it is also associated with the Holy Spirit.
  • Trees: their structure reminds us of the interconnectivity between all living things on earth. They are an important source of strength and can withstand storms, they also provide shade and nurture the cycle of life.

Meanings of Christian Symbol Tattoos

Christian tattoos are loaded with meaningful objects as religious symbols. They exert a powerful influence on both the intellect and emotions of Christians of all cultures. These symbols are deeply rooted, in some ways, but they are also open to imitation from other traditions. These symbols, primarily of biblical origin, have universal appeal and meaning. The waves represent water, which is the essential component of baptism. It represents purity and sanitation for Christians. The flame of a candle represents fire, which in turn symbolizes the light of the world and the Holy Spirit. Two books of the Bible reinforce this: the tongues of fire at Pentecost and the fact that Christ's disciples call him "the light of the world". The cross is the most recognizable symbol of Christians. It represents the most altruistic act in Christian history: Jesus Christ, nailed to the cross to save mankind from its sins.

Christian Symbol Tattoos for Men

They are very large and visible, so everyone knows how important the Christian faith is to them and they themselves always keep it in mind. The designs are usually in black ink and often in a realistic style.

Christian Symbol Tattoos for Women

While it is true that women usually opt for minimalist style tattoos, in the case of Christian symbol tattoos, they are much larger. The most common is to find them on the back or wrist.

Small Christian Symbol Tattoos

We have already said that both men and women, usually opt for tattoos quite large of Christian symbols, but there are always those who opt for small tattoos.

Large Christian Symbol Tattoos

With lots of details, and with shadows to make the tattoo stand out more. They are always in black ink and usually represent biblical scenes. What you should keep in mind before getting a large tattoo is that you will probably need more than one session for the tattoo to look good and with all the details, but for sure, the result is spectacular and you will love it.

Christian Symbol Tattoos on body parts

As in most cases the tattoos are large, so the tattoos have to be in wide areas such as the back, chest, shoulder or calf.

Christian Symbol Tattoos on the Chest

Christian tattoos are directly related to faith, so it is not surprising that most of these tattoos are found on the chest, near the heart.

Christian Symbol Tattoos on the Back

The back is a perfect area for large tattoos, this way the details are very well marked.

Christian Symbol Tattoos on the Arm

They cover a large part of the arm, like a sleeve, not being flat, it is more complex to tattoo this area, but once you see the result, the truth is that it is very spectacular.

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