20 Best Animal Face Tattoos and Their Meanings

Throughout history, animals have often represented qualities and abilities that we humans have wanted to emulate or imitate as much as possible. This fact has been reinforced and can be tangibly perceived in the literature, mythology and popular tradition and folklore of countless cultures throughout much of the world. Today, animal designs are a reflection of the influence and importance that animals have taken on in our daily lives.

The Best Animal Face Tattoos

Animal tattoos are very popular, in large part, because they represent characteristics of human personality, through the designs of emblematic animals that are recognized by society. The bravery of the lion, the agility of the leopard and the loyalty of the elephant, for example.

  • Dog
  • Wolf
  • Set of various animals

The Most Popular Animal Face Tattoos

Nowadays, animal face tattoos are the most popular among people of all ages. among people of all ages, genders and lifestyles. The reason for their popularity? reason for their popularity? Since the beginning of existence, mankind has been mankind has been strongly connected with nature and its creatures. creatures. Generally speaking, we, ourselves, are a part of the animal world and our lives, as well as our animal world and our lives, as well as the lives of other animals, are largely influenced by inner instincts. Therefore, it is not it is not surprising that such a connection has had an effect on the art of tattooing. of tattooing. Since time immemorial, our ancestors have used images of animals used animal images that were often deeply symbolic and metaphysical. symbolic and metaphysical to decorate their bodies.

  • Elephant
  • Deer or deer
  • Horse

Meanings of Animal Face Tattoos

Each animal is different and, therefore, each one has a different meaning that identifies it. Below is a list of the most popular animal face tattoos and their meanings.

  • Wolf: the wolf is an animal that symbolizes loyalty and love for the family. They are animals that move in packs and protect the elderly and the weak, so a wolf as a tattoo is a way to symbolize that loyalty to loved ones.
  • Lion: represents the fierce, wild nature and leadership. It is usually tattooed by people who have a lot of self-confidence and group leader attitudes.
  • Butterfly: used as a tattoo, butterflies are a symbol associated with the soul of departed people. They are responsible for carrying people's spirits to the afterlife, according to some religions and beliefs.
  • Owl: The owl symbolizes wisdom, intelligence and freedom. They are free birds that can fly wherever they want and, when the design has very large eyes, it represents the sharpness of vision and precision of this bird that hunts at night to survive.
  • Elephant: an elephant tattoo design is a representation of good fortune and a divine and benign spirit. They are very sensitive animals that represent fidelity, loyalty and wisdom in the personality of each individual.
  • Cats: represent intelligence, survival and mystery. They are independent animals that when captured as a tattoo design, speak of a strong, self-sufficient and mysterious personality.
  • Dog: the dog is an animal that represents friendship and loyalty. A dog tattoo speaks of a personality that is loyal to friends and loved ones. It is also a symbol of courage, companionship, strength and vigilance.
  • Swallow: The swallow is a bird that represents love and fidelity. They are animals that have only one partner in life and, according to Ancient Egyptian records, they carried the souls of the deceased.
  • Dragonfly: A dragonfly tattoo represents creativity and imagination. They are flying creatures with vibrant colors that, captured on the skin, transmit joy, emotion and inspiration.
  • Tiger: is a powerful symbol in the animal world. It is an animal associated with greatness and the power of kings. The tattoo symbolizes the protection of loved ones, strength and a warrior spirit.
  • Birds: Birds allude to the love of travel, freedom and friendship. They are very popular tattoo designs and requested by the wide variety of readings for those who love to travel and travel the world.
  • Horses: Horse tattoos are a symbol of strength and companionship. The horse has been a very important animal for the development of human beings and, therefore, a horse tattoo symbolizes the close relationship between both species.
  • Deer or Deer: A tattoo design of a deer or stag is often used to represent good luck, good fortune and association with passion and virtue. They are also a symbol of abundance in some cultures.
  • Dolphin: The dolphin has many symbolisms, but most often interpreted as intelligence, freedom and joy. They are very friendly animals and always ready to accompany and help each other to move forward.
  • Bear: the bear is an animal that symbolizes power. There are also some designs that focus more on the violent or wild side, but inside a bear tattoo you can find all the symbolisms together: power, speed, strength and protection.
  • Eagle: very popular among men and women because it represents courage, strength and the desire to fight against obstacles. They are birds of great power and ability to hunt, for this reason, they are among the most popular animal face tattoos.
  • Bull: they symbolize power, strength, masculinity and fertility. They are animals that since ancient times have been present in different cultures and, today, are often used for their meaning of strength.

Large Animal Face Tattoos

Among the large animal face tattoos, there is a lot of variety, both in terms of design, which can be very realistic, incorporating a multitude of shadows and colors to geometric designs, with fine lines but are just as spectacular, as in the parts of the body where we can find them. Normally, the largest and most spectacular animal face tattoos are found on the back, as it is a perfect canvas where the artist has almost no limitations. Other very common areas where many tattoos of this type are found are the chest or the arm.

  • Cat
  • Bull
  • Owl

Small Animal Face Tattoos

There are always those who prefer to get a smaller and more discreet tattoo and, among the small animal face tattoos, there are many. Generally, they are minimalist designs in black ink, although we can also find realistic designs. Small animal face tattoos can be found in areas such as the inside of the arm, the wrist or on the hands.

  • Seahorse
  • Tiger
  • Dolphin

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