20 best anchor tattoos ideas and their meanings

If there is a tattoo that has a lot of meaning for those who get it tattooed, it is undoubtedly the anchor tattoo. This tattoo is ideal for both women and men and the design, the color and the place where you want to get it tattooed. There are many designs that exist and it will depend on your tastes and interests that you opt for one design or another.

Meanings and Symbolism of Anchor Tattoos

An anchor tattoo can have a wide variety of meanings, but all of them embody the characteristics of sailors and can be felt in everyday life. The anchor is an element that has always been associated with ships and the sea, so it has always served as an inspiration to sailors. But anchor tattoos are no longer only worn by men at sea, but are now one of the favorite designs of the general public. This is due to their elegant and forceful design and the meaning they hide. The anchor is associated with security, stability and strength. It can also be interpreted as a symbol of fortune and family or sentimental union. So an anchor can represent love or life itself, because it has as many meanings as the person who is tattooed wants to give it. They are designs with a great symbolic component and are perfect if you are looking for a tattoo that moves away from the banal and empty.

Anchor Tattoos for Men

Many years ago, the only people who used anchor tattoos were men, as a symbol of rudeness and relevance to the work of a sailor. They started to become famous in the early 18th century, and by then they meant power, constancy towards a goal, patience towards a goal and loyalty to oneself. Today, the designs have been adapted and are popular with both men and women. In addition, they can include interesting designs with mermaids or with hook-like edges and borders. The most popular areas of the body for men to get anchor tattoos are on the arm and leg.

Anchor Tattoos for Women

As we have said, in recent years, the number of anchor tattoos has increased considerably. Among women, the meanings of anchor tattoos are that of loyalty and faithfulness to something or someone. Normally, women usually place their anchor tattoos on the back, wrist, thighs or shoulder. In most cases, these tattoos are accompanied with names of important people or elements such as roses.

Small Anchor Tattoos

Although anchor tattoos always look good, small anchor tattoos are usually one of the options to be done on any part of the body because, having a small size, any part of the skin will be happy to receive it. That's why with a tattoo of this size we can also indicate a great symbolism. Although it is true that this type of designs are usually found in strategic places such as ankles or wrists.

Large Anchor Tattoos

Although the presence of an anchor in tattoo designs generally signifies stability and loyalty, by incorporating various elements in your design, you can modify the meaning of your tattoo as a symbol of loyalty to a particular culture or organization. It can also vary depending on what you want the meaning to convey depending on your personal circumstances or what the anchor may mean to you. This is why large anchor tattoos are also very popular.

Anchor Tattoos on Body Parts

Anchor tattoos can be placed anywhere on the body due to the number of designs we find and the variety of sizes we can find. The most popular areas to get an anchor tattoo are the fingers, ankles, arms, or neck.

Finger Anchor Tattoos

Without a doubt, the fingers are always one of the great ideas to wear tattoos. Especially when we want to wear a discreet one. The anchors are seen both at the base of the fingers, as rings, as on the side of the same. Designs for everyone that carry the same symbolism that we have been discussing.

Anchor Tattoos on the Ankle

Another of the most demanded parts of the body when it comes to tattooing anchors, is the ankle. Although it is true that for many it is a rather painful place to get a tattoo, others do not hesitate. Because again, we are talking about a discreet area, for simpler tattoos. In this case, usually abound minimalist cut and small size, but it is true that each person can mold it to your whim.

Anchor Tattoos on the Arm

While this type of tattoos has sailor origin, they were also those who placed the designs in the part of the arms. Sometimes, on the upper part, but in many other occasions they wore anchor tattoos on the forearm or on the wrist. In the case of the forearm, the size can be a little bigger and be full of colors or designs in black ink but combined with other details.

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