20 Best Alien Symbol Tattoos Ideas

Who hasn't heard of extraterrestrials, aliens or aliens? In the world of tattoos, this theme is almost a sub-genre, since tattoos are often a reflection of our fears, our emotions, our concerns, our hobbies and our passions. How is it possible to believe that in the vastness of the universe without assuming that it is possible that there is another type of life besides our own?

Most Popular Alien Symbol Tattoos

Because extraterrestrial life forms have not yet been discovered, tattoo artists have the freedom to implement their own ideas. There are zero limits and this creates a range of possibilities. Naturally, neon green designs are extremely common, but their numbers are quickly being challenged by colors like phosphorescent blues and metallic shades of silver. Motherships also appear frequently in alien body art, and these impressive vessels often use surreal features that defy the basis of physics. These monstrous units of special travel expand on the mere notion of earthly life forms by displaying their complex intelligence.

Meanings and Symbolism of Alien Symbol Tattoos

As we've said before, when we talk about aliens, we don't have a clear picture of what these strange beings look like, beyond what fiction has portrayed over the years, from friendly harmless subjects just looking to return home, to terrifying beings that desire the destruction of mankind. These designs may imply a belief in intelligent life beyond Planet Earth, that does not necessarily mean that a person has ever had contact with one of these special beings, but a fondness or intrigue for something unknown that continually generate theories, still without clear answers. Homage to famous cult characters, the imagination gives a glimpse of humanity's interest in the firmament and what it hides beyond human knowledge since the year 1634. Science fiction and its numerous formats in television, films, novels and video games, has given life to famous cult characters, as is the case of the giant alien Alien. Traits of a different personality, alien tattoos not only represent that the wearer believes in unknown beings. They can also be seen as a way of expressing the personality of someone who feels different and does not fit in this world and its inhabitants. Although it is most common to allude to aliens with designs of their image, phrases are also a common way to allude to aliens and denote a fondness for life in space.

Alien Symbol Tattoos for Men

In large size, with lots of details and different colors. Normally, men get tattoos of alien symbols in very visible and large areas, such as the shoulders, forearm or leg. On several occasions, we can find alien tattoos that appear in movies, such as ET or Alien.

Alien Symbol Tattoos for Women

Normally, women are the ones who most often opt for alien tattoos, as it is a tattoo that is usually done between friends. Within the variety of designs you will find all sizes, both large and small, color, watercolor, without filling, black and white, etc.. If you are thinking of getting a tattoo with your friend and you think this is a design that can mean a lot to you, here you can see some original ideas. However, if what you want is a tattoo for yourself, any of the examples below are also very good.

Small Alien Symbol Tattoos

We find them on the wrist, the inside of the arm, on the ankle or even on the finger. Very minimalist, in this case, the most common is that the tattoo is the face of an alien.

Large Alien Symbol Tattoos

Accompanied by other designs to complement the tattoo, they can be other aliens, spaceships, landscapes or some phrase of a famous movie with aliens. We find them on the shoulder, leg, chest or even on the back.

Alien Symbol Tattoos on Body Parts

Alien symbol tattoos can be placed on any part of the body, since most of them are small. As we have said, most of them can be found on the inside of the arm, the wrist or on the shoulder.

Alien Symbol Tattoos on the Wrist

It is an area that is currently very fashionable because it is quite discreet and small. In addition, it does not hurt to get tattoos on the wrist so it is ideal for those who are new to the world of tattoos.

Alien Symbol Tattoos on the Hand

On the hand, we also find many tattoos of alien symbols, they are not of large size because the hand does not have much space in which to capture a tattoo. The finger, there are also plenty of tattoos of alien symbols.

Alien Symbol Tattoos on the Leg

Both in the calf and thigh, we have plenty of space to capture tattoos of alien symbols, can be accompanied by other drawings or phrases to complement the tattoo. Another area where we find many tattoos of alien symbols, is the ankle, but here, they are smaller in size, with less detail and not as visible.

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