20 Aztec Symbol Tattoo Ideas and Their Meanings

Aztec symbols are one of the great designs that we can show off in tattoos. We go back to a cultural and religious union that makes up this civilization. Even with the passage of time, they are still very much in force, each and every one of those symbols that have brought so much meaning.

Most Popular Aztec Symbol Tattoos

The jaguar warriors or Ocelopilli were the professional warriors of the Mexican army, these belonged to more popular classes, while their counterparts of eagle warriors, came from the nobility. Both animals, jaguars and eagles, were considered totems and represented darkness and light respectively in Aztec mythology. Therefore, jaguars and cheetahs, as well as eagles, are some of the most common motifs in Aztec-inspired tattoos. In fact, the Aztec eagle tattoo is one of the most sought after and represented globally. The favorite styles for these tattoos are the Marquesan or tribal, the realistic tattoo style and the oldschool or traditional American style. The important thing in these cases is that, when we choose our motif, we do it being aware of the meaning that these totemic animals had. Another of the most common tattoo designs is the Aztec sun tattoo. It is the most common representation of the Sun God Huitzilopochtli, guardian of the heavens, the most important God for the Empire. According to the myth, the Sun God found out about the plot made by his sister and brothers to kill his mother, when he was still in his mother's womb. He came out of his mother's womb and killed his sister and brothers. His sister's head became the moon and his brothers' heads became the stars thus starting the universe. The Aztec Calendar tattoo is also very popular. It is the representation of the Sun Stone, a monumental monolithic disc of olivine basalt with inscriptions alluding to the Mexica cosmogony and solar cults. In many occasions, it is represented in a realistic way as the stone disc is shown, achieving a depth effect or 3D tattoo. It is also popular the Feathered Serpent tattoo, representation of one of the most known divinities of this Mesoamerican culture and with numerous artistic representations in the important Temple of Quetzalcoatl.

Meanings and Symbolism of Aztec Symbol Tattoos

Aztec tattoos can mean very different things depending on the design you choose. The richness of the culture and traditions of this people is strongly reflected in their use of different symbols, and it is this richness that makes them an excellent source of expressive concepts for the world of tattoos. Wearing an Aztec tattoo symbolizes the fact that you are a believer in mysticism, you believe in the existence of a supreme power, in nature and its energies. All these factors are combined in each design, making them powerful symbols. The Aztecs strongly believed that having a symbolic representation tattooed on their bodies could help them gain the favor of the gods. You must remember, these are the main meanings of Aztec tattoos but ultimately the meaning of a tattoo is up to you and anyone can give their tattoo any meaning they want whether it is based on their personality or their life experiences.

Aztec Symbol Tattoos for Men

On the shoulder, hand or calf, is where we find the most Aztec symbol tattoos for men. They are done in black ink and with a lot of details, so that they are more eye-catching.

Aztec Symbol Tattoos for Women

Although it is not a very common type of tattoos among women, we can also find some who wear tattoos with Aztec symbols. They choose to place these tattoos on the back, near the nape of the neck and on the spine.

Small Aztec Symbol Tattoos

Actually, they are of medium size because with the amount of lines and details that require this type of tattoos can not be very small. We can find them on the hand or on the inside of the arm.

Large Aztec Symbol Tattoos

On the chest, shoulder, back, or forearm, making the sleeve effect, they are always in black color and, in some cases shadows are made to give depth to the design.

Aztec Symbol Tattoos on parts of the body

As we have said, in the back, arm, chest, leg or hand is where we find more tattoos of Aztec symbols.

Aztec Symbol Tattoos on the Shoulder

Very large and visible, this is the area of the body where most Aztec symbol tattoos are found. They can be applied alone on the shoulder or extending the tattoo in the form of a sleeve up to the elbow.

Aztec Symbol Tattoos on Legs

Aztec symbols tattoos on the leg are basically on the calf, a very visible area and, as it is wide, the tattoo can be large and with all the details very clear.

Aztec Symbol Tattoos on the Chest

Covering a part or all of it, Aztec symbols tattoos on the chest, go unnoticed during most of the year but, in summer it will be difficult for anyone to notice that you wear it.

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